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Four steps to listing on the Exchange

Using the Ticket Exchange, Brentford FC Season Ticket Holders can redeem the value of matches where their seat has been resold against the cost of renewing for their 2018/19 Season Ticket. 

Seats can be listed at any time, and as soon as the match you can't attend reaches 90% of stadium Capacity, the Exchange will be open and Season Ticket Holders will be notified. The Ticket Office will then begin to resell any returned seats. 

Step 1: 

Visit, select 'Ticket Exchange' via 'My Account', and log in using your usual Fan Number and Password.

Step 1

Step 2: 

Upon logging in you’ll find yourself on the Ticket Exchange page. Here, simply select the match for which you wish to return your tickets, and click ‘Continue’.

Step 2  

Step 3: 

You'll be asked for a reason you’re returning your tickets from the dropdown menu. Select yours, and click 'Continue'

Step 3

Step 4:

Confirmation! Your seats have been released for sale and your Season Card deactivated for this match only. 

If they are purchased by another supporter when the Exchange opens, the value (1/23rd of what you paid for your Season Ticket) will be attributed as a credit against your 2018/19 Season Ticket. 

If your seat has not yet been purchased and you change your mind about attending, you can also reclaim your seat using Ticket Exchange.