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Payment Methods

Considering buying a Season Ticket for our final season at Griffin Park? Take a look at your payment options. 


Season Tickets can be purchased in one payment online, by phone and in person. If you're renewing your Season Ticket online, don't forget to login to your ticketing account first. 


Fans who choose to pay by debit or credit card and buy online can select to have their payments taken over three months, on their chosen ‘preferred, saved card’, as well as paying in full. Fans who choose to renew their Season Ticket via this method will have 40% of their Season Ticket value taken upon renewal followed by two 30% payments in the following two months

Three stage payments are only available online and payment dates and amounts are fixed. This payment method will be available until 31 May.  

Three-Stage payment dates:

Season Ticket bought in April:

  • First payment: 40% in April
  • Second payment: 30% on 4 May
  • Final payment: 30% on 4 June

Season Ticket bought in May: 

  • First payment: 40% in May
  • Second payment: 30% on 4 June
  • Third payment: 30% on 4 July

Any unpaid balances will result in the Season Tickets being cancelled. Minimum purchase amount of £90.


We are working on being able to provide fans with a new option to spread the cost of Season Tickets, similarly to previous seasons. Further information to follow.


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