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Payment methods

Here is a guide on adding, editing and removing ticketing payment options. 

Step 1

Log in to your Brentford FC ticketing account and click ‘Profile and payment options’ on the right hand side.





Step 2

Click ‘Add New Credit Card’ under ‘Payment information’.





Step 3

Proceed to enter your card details and then click ‘Add Now’.





Step 4

You will see your card saved under ‘Payment information’.





Step 5

You can edit your card details by clicking on the pencil icon, making edits and clicking ‘Save’.





Step 6

You can also delete this payment method by clicking on the cross icon and then ‘Confirm’.

If you register multiple cards payment will be taken from the card with the longest expiry date. It is advised that supporters should register one card and update this if the card changes.





Visit the Ticket FAQ for more information.


Manage your payment methods by logging into your ticketing account here