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Ticket Reservations

Follow this guide to purchase reserved seats for you and eligible contacts of your Friends and Family. Fellow fans must be linked in your Friends and Family. A guide on how to do that is here. You can then go on to print tickets for all contacts in the order.

Step 1

Log in to your account by entering your details.


Log into your account


Step 2

In your account menu click 'Reserved ticket(s)' under the 'Community' header.


Reserved tickets


Step 3

Make sure the box is ticked next to each ticket you wish to purchase. If you have friends and family linked to your account that are also (Season) Ticket Holders, you will be able to renew their (Season) Tickets at the same time. Once you have selected all the (Season) Tickets that you want to renew click 'Add to Basket'.


Tick box


Step 4

Continue to purchase your desired tickets by clicking 'Buy now' and complete your order. 


Buy now

To print the tickets of Friends and Family that you have purchased tickets for, continue to Step 5.

Step 5

Once you have completed your order, go to 'Order History' in your Account Summary. 


order history-final2.jpg


Step 6

From the dropdown, select the Friends and Family contact you wish to print tickets for. 


 order history dropdown-final2.jpg


Step 7

Click 'See Details' next to the order you wish to print tickets for. 


order history kelleway-final2.jpg


Step 8

Click 'Print' to initiate the download of your ticket. 




Step 9

Check your downloads folder for your ticket.




If you have any questions you can send us an email via

Visit the Ticketing FAQs for more information.