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Supporter Charter

Our commitments to you

Brentford Football Club (the Club) is committed to providing a high quality of service to all its supporters and other customers, and to maintaining and enhancing its relationships with the local community and other stakeholders.


Supporters should contact the Club via the appropriate emails or contact numbers listed on our Contact us page on our website. General enquiries be sent via:

Fan specific issues and questions can also be sent by email to our Supporter Liaison Officer, Sophie McGill,, or by post to Supporter Liaison Officer, Brentford FC, 27 Great West Road, Brentford TW8 9BW

The Club will acknowledge receipt of all written enquiries within three working days and will aim to respond fully, where possible, within seven working days.

If the supporter feels less than satisfied with the outcome, they should direct their concerns to the Club’s Fan & Community Relations Director, Sally Stephens, in the first instance who will also consult with the Club’s Business Operations Director or Chief Executive Officer should that be necessary.

  • Email:
  • Post: Sally Stephens, Fan & Community Relations Director, Brentford FC, 27 Great West Road, Brentford TW8 9BW

If the supporter is still dissatisfied, they can contact the Club Adjudicator, Stewart Purvis.

  • Email:
  • Post: Stewart Purvis, Adjudicator, Brentford FC, 27 Great West Road, Brentford TW8 9BW

The Adjudicator will acknowledge receipt of all written enquiries within three working days and will respond fully, where possible, within seven working days.

If after dealing with the Adjudicator the supporter still feels dissatisfied, they should contact the Independent Football Ombudsman.

The Independent Football Ombudsman (IFO) has been established by the football authorities (The FA, The Premier League and The English Football League) to receive and adjudicate on complaints which have not been resolved at an earlier stage:

·         Email:

·         Website:

·         Post: Independent Football Ombudsman, Premier House, 1-5 Argyle Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2AD

·         Phone: 0800 588 4066

The Club expects its staff, stewards and representatives to be courteous, helpful and well informed. Any person who feels that any of the Club's personnel are failing to meet the standards they would reasonably expect should notify the Club, using the contact details listed above.

The Club will monitor the phone system and website regularly to ensure that all information provided is current, fully updated and meeting acceptable standards.

The Club will be monitored by the Premier League with mystery shopper exercises during the season and will share the results of these reports with BIAS and Bees United and agree how best to share these with fans.

The Club will make every effort to ensure that Brentford Community Stadium is a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone that attends games. For further information, you can find our Visiting the Stadium Guide here.

For specific information on the Club’s COVID-19 guidance, please read the COVID-19 Supporter Code of Conduct here.

The Club’s Diversity & Inclusion Policy makes clear that we are committed to confronting and eradicating any form of discrimination, whether it is of race (including ethnic origin, colour, nationality and national origin), religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, age, pregnancy or maternity, disability or gender reassignment.

Supporters are encouraged to report instances of behaviour that breaches our Diversity & Inclusion Policy. On matchdays, reports can be made in person to matchday stewards or by text by sending “BFC plus the message” to 62277 so that our operations team can be immediately notified. Reports can also be made by email to

The Club’s stadium meets the requirements of the Accessible Stadia Guide and works closely with Level Playing Field and others to review and enhance facilities where possible. Our Access Statement* provides more information on the facilities for disabled fans at our stadium. (*This will be available on our website shortly).

The Club also offers:

  • A pricing strategy which meets the needs of all individuals by means of a range of ticket prices.
  • Concessions on matchdays for junior supporters (under 18 years of age), young people (18-24 years) and senior supporters (of 65 years and over).
  • Season Tickets payable by instalments.

The Club operates a smoke-free policy inside stadium areas on matchdays.

Brentford Football Club has the right to ban any supporter or another person from the stadium at the discretion of the Club.

Bans or Acceptable Behaviour Contracts will be considered in the event of any breaches of ground regulations, evidence of football-related offences committed elsewhere, and any other circumstances that are likely to bring the reputation of Brentford FC into disrepute including social media posts that breach our Social Media Policy.

Prior to a ban or other sanctions, supporters will be asked to provide feedback on the incident in question and may be invited into the Club to discuss the allegations. If the supporter fails to provide information or attend the meeting, the Club will impose sanctions in their absence. These sanctions will be confirmed in writing to the supporter.

Sanctions will be considered with reference to relevant Premier League policies and protocols and other relevant Club policies.

At the end of each season, the Club will provide to the Premier League in confidence, (and will share anonymously with BIAS and Bees United), a summary of Club bans imposed that season, which will include the number of supporters receiving Club bans, the duration of these bans, the offences for which they were imposed, the number of initial meetings with supporters held, the number of supporters who have used the appeal process and the number of successful and unsuccessful appeals.

Membership schemes

The club offers the following membership schemes:

  1. Season Ticket Holders and Premium Seat Holders: priority access is given for cup and away League matches, together with a number of other benefits including access to Season Ticket Holder events, discounts on away travel, the allocation of Ticket Access Points to help gain priority access to tickets where availability is limited and other benefits. More information on Season Tickets is available here and Premium Seats here.
  2. My Bees Membership (Adults, The Swarm (11-17), The Bee Team (3-10) and Babees (0-2). More details of each scheme are provided here.

Ticket Access Points

In order to reward fans who attend the most games, Bees’ supporters are able to earn Ticket Access Points (TAPs) through both home and away ticket purchases. TAPs have been earned by supporters since the 2013/14 season and are used to determine the priority sequence in which fans can purchase tickets both at home and away.

Points for home games are allocated as follows:

  • Category A games – 10 points (Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Leeds United, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United)
  • Category B games – 15 points (Burnley, Brighton & Hove Albion, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leicester City, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Southampton, Watford and Wolves)
  • Family category games– up to 30 points. Some Cup games may be designated as Family category games together with up to two of the Category B games listed above in the second half of the season

Away matches TAP will be allocated based on the distance from the stadium to the opposition’s home ground and cup games will be assessed individually. 

More information on TAPs is provided here.

TAPs are allocated automatically after the match has taken place. If fans feel that there are issues with their personal TAPs total, for example, because they may have more than one ticketing account, they can contact the Club by email at with details of the enquiry and we can investigate.

Home Match Tickets

Given the likely scarcity of Match Tickets during the 2021/22 season, the Club has prepared some new rules to govern the allocation process. These rules aim to balance the priorities of recognising loyalty of long term supporters and at the same time giving all My Bees Members the opportunity to have some access to Match Tickets.

Home games have been categorised as either Category A or B. (Category A games are: Arsenal, Aston Villa, Chelsea, Leeds United, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United; and Category B games are: Burnley, Brighton & Hove Albion, Crystal Palace, Everton, Leicester City, Newcastle United, Norwich City, Southampton, Watford and Wolves.

Category A games

50 per cent of available Match Tickets will be sold to Members who meet the minimum Ticket Access Points (TAPs) threshold for that game. This threshold will be determined by the TAPs profile of those who take up Membership. The remaining 50 per cent will go on sale to all Members. 100 tickets will also be ringfenced for an under 18s Lucky Dip. Tickets will go on sale in the following order:

  • Window 1 - Members meeting the TAPs threshold will have a four-day window to purchase. This will be a guaranteed opportunity to buy for those Members.
  • Window 2 - any remaining tickets from this TAPs-based allocation will be made available to supporters at a lower TAPs threshold. These fans will have a three-day window to purchase, but they will be subject to availability, and we would expect demand to be greater than supply.
  • Window 3 - the remaining 50 per cent of Match Tickets will be made available to all Members who have yet to secure a ticket. This window will extend to a maximum of five days. 100 of these Match Tickets will be available to purchase at the Box Office only. 100 Match Tickets will be offered in pairs via an under 18 Lucky Dip. Successful Members will be contacted by the Box Office to buy two Match Tickets (including one for a parent/guardian Member).
  • Window 4 - it is highly unlikely that this stage will be reached, but if any Match Tickets are still remaining, they will then go on sale to Season Ticket Holders to buy any extra tickets and then finally would go on general sale.

Category B games

100% of available Match Tickets will go on sale to all Members. Tickets will go on sale in the following order:

  • Window 1 - all Members will have a two-week window to purchase. (Subject to availability). 200 tickets will be available to purchase at the Box Office only.
  • Window 2 - any remaining Tickets will be made available to Season Ticket Holders to purchase additional tickets. These fans will have a week-long window to buy, subject to availability.
  • Window 3 - any remaining tickets will go on general sale. (Subject to availability).

There will be a number of designated Category B games in the second half of the season prioritised for Members who have not previously had a chance to attend a game. These matches will be revealed later in the season. This pledge is only available if the stadium is operating at full capacity during the season and only to Members who sign up before 13 August and only to the first 10,000 Members.

Away Match Tickets

For all away matches the Club will liaise in writing with the home club and agree a fair allocation to be available for sale in advance, which will be based on the anticipated demand for tickets from Brentford supporters and communicated when tickets go on sale. The Club will ensure that pricing for Brentford supporters is consistent with Premier League rules with regard to away ticket pricing.

Away Match Tickets will go on sale in the following order:

  • Window 1 - 95 per cent of our away allocation will be available to Season Ticket Holders who meet the required TAPs threshold (determined by the number of Match Tickets available), with approximately four days to purchase. This opportunity will be guaranteed.
  • Window 2 - Any remaining tickets from this TAPs-based allocation will be made available to Season Ticket Holders at a lower TAPs threshold. There will be a three-day window to purchase, but they will be subject to availability, and we would expect demand to be greater than supply.
  • Window 3 - If any tickets were to still remain, then they will go on sale to all Season Ticket Holders
  • Members Window – 5 per cent of our Away ticket allocation will be made available to Members. Members will be asked to register an interest in attending each away game, and those that have registered will have tickets allocated to them based on TAPs priority. (For example, if 100 Match Tickets were available in this category, the 100 Members with the most TAPs who have registered an interest to attend the game will be invited to purchase one of those Match Tickets). 

Should any Match Tickets remain available after these windows, they will then go on sale to all Members who are yet to purchase.

Cup matches

Home cup matches will be categorised as either Category A, Category B or Category F (Family). Season Ticket Holders will have first priority to purchase their seat for cup matches. Any remaining Match Tickets for home cup matches will then be made available for purchase by Members following the same rules outlined above for Category A and Category B home Premier League games. Match Ticket purchase windows and priorities for any Category F fixtures will be confirmed by the Club at the time. Tickets for away cup matches will be sold on the same basis as for away league games.

Restricted view seats

The Club has reviewed all the seats in the stadium with regard to any restricted views. Any seats that do not have a clear view of either goal have been removed from sale. Should any Season Ticket Holders or Match Ticket purchasers feel that their view is unduly restricted, they should contact the Box Office team at or 0333 005 8521, Monday to Friday between 10am and 5pm.


Once a ticket is purchased it is non-refundable unless the given match is rescheduled, postponed, cancelled or abandoned*. If a match is rescheduled, postponed or abandoned fans will have seven days to claim a refund. If no refund is claimed their ticket will be valid for the re-arranged fixture.

*During the COVID-19 pandemic, fans who cannot attend games due to illness or required isolation have the following options:

  • Season Ticket Holders may transfer their ticket to a guest (as long as this is below or at the face value) or can register their seat on the Club’s Ticket Exchange
  • Match Ticket Holders can contact the Box Office to request the transfer of their ticket to a guest
  • Season Ticket Holders and Match Ticket Holders unable to utilise the methods above can contact the Box Office for assistance and a pro-rata refund given (if the request is received at least 24 hours before kick-off)

Should there be any restriction placed on supporters attending games due to COVID-19, for example through the return to reduced capacity games, the Club will announce any mitigation plans or refunds following consultation with BIAS and Bees United.

Complimentary tickets

A register of all complimentary tickets will be maintained at the Club.

Unauthorised Match Ticket sales

For home matches, all tickets sold will be traceable back to the purchaser and should these tickets be touted or used by Away supporters, the future right to purchase tickets could be withdrawn and if disorder occurs banning orders could be considered.

The Club abides by Football Association and Premier League rules governing the pricing and allocation of tickets to visiting clubs.

Any away fan found in any of the designated home areas of Brentford Community Stadium will be ejected from the ground.

Replica kit has a life span of a minimum of one season. The Club is committed to ensuring a competitive price for all replica kits and not entering into price-fixing in relation to the sale of replica kits.

The Club offers refunds on merchandise in accordance with its stated policy on display in the Bees Store and legal obligations. This can be found in the "conditions of sale" section of the Club's online store.

Brentford FC is proud of the contribution it makes to the community, both by the Club and also through Brentford FC Community Sports Trust.

More information on the work of Brentford FC Community Sports Trust is available at

The Club will ensure that members of the each of its squads (the First Team and B Team for both men and women) regularly support community events during the season.

At the Club, there is a dedicated Fan & Community Relations team that leads the Club’s community work. Please contact for any further information.

The Club is committed to working with the local community, in partnership with Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, and supporting charities wherever possible. However, due to the number of requests received, it is not possible to support every request.

At the start of each season, the Club will prepare a list of the key charities it will support. Priority is given to local charities and to Brentford supporters undertaking charity fundraising initiatives.

Brentford Football Club will only accept charity requests received on headed charity notepaper or with an accompanying letter from the appropriate charity. Letters requesting support should include as many details as possible about the charity and what assistance the Club can provide.

Requests may be turned down if they are not from a local charity or organisation; if the charity or organisation has already received support from the Club in the past 12 months; or if the Club's limit on charitable donations in a particular period has been reached.

Requests should be sent to Charity Request, Brentford Football Club, 27 Great West Road, Brentford TW8 9BW

Charity bucket collections at games are no longer possible as the stadium is now cashless.

Brentford FC will try to assist anyone visiting as part of a The 92 Club during normal opening hours, with prior arrangement. The stadium is not currently open on non-matchdays due to ongoing construction work on site so it may not be possible to accommodate these requests at certain times.

The Club doesn’t give away merchandise and souvenirs but a wide range of merchandise is available to buy online in the Official Bees Store

The Club will publicise its policies and initiatives on the Club’s website and from time to time on other relevant Club channels.

The Club will seek feedback from supporters on a regular basis, including via a post-match survey after each game and will hold at least quarterly meetings with the Club’s Official Supporter groups: BIAS (Brentford Independent Supporters Association); and the Brentford FC Supporter’s Trust, Bees United.

Meetings with BIAS will cover relevant items identified by both the Club and BIAS, including but not limited to any questions that BIAS receive from fans of the Club which they deem are appropriate.

The Club also holds regular consultation meetings with London Borough of Hounslow and with the Brentford FC Community Engagement Group made up of representatives from local residents’ associations together with other relevant stakeholders, where appropriate.

The Club will give advance notice of any changes to its ticketing policy and the reasons for those changes.

Following the end of the season, the Club will undertake a review of the points listed in this Charter with reference to key internal and externally collected data and make recommendations on any changes to be incorporated. The Club will then review any changes with BIAS and the final approval will be undertaken by the Club’s Head of Business Operations (with any significant changes ratified with the Chief Executive Officer) prior to publication ahead of each season.