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Women's B Team end league season with defeat

Hackney Women's Reserves beat The Bees on Sunday

18 May 2022

Brentford FC Women's B Team ended their league season with a 2-0 defeat to Hackney Women's Reserves. The disappointing loss in their final game meant The Bees finished fourth in the Greater London Women's Football League Division One North. The visitors were determined to win and came away with a 2-0 victory while Brentford's eyes turn to the final of the Greater London Women's Football League Anniversary Trophy.

Brentford FC Women’s B Team will be vying to make history as they take part in the first-ever final of the new anniversary trophy. They face Islington Borough LFC in the competition on Sunday, 22 May, at Bedfont Sports Club. See more here.

Both sides were full of vim right from kick-off this past Sunday, and things looked dangerous for both defences as the goal was to end the season with a win. After a Brentford tackle went wrong, Hackney was awarded a free-kick close in. Fortunately for The Bees, the strike missed the target.

Both teams were hellbent on securing the win to close out their season and Hackney very quickly displayed their grit with their constant movement across the pitch. Their ability to keep the ball in play made it difficult for The Bees to press forward and as the game intensified, Hackney started to take on a more menacing air.

Brentford benefitted from multiple clearances and tackles by Karen Abou-Abdallah, which kept the ball out of their end. As a result, Hackney doubled down on their efforts as they kept trying to score, even though they had been denied by great saves from Homaira Najem. Brentford reacted quickly to Hackney's improved attack, and the visitors were again forced to increase their pressure.

After a little confusion at the goal line, Hackney appeared to have taken the lead. But the goal was ruled out as the Assistant Referee confirmed it did not cross the line.

Both teams pushed hard in the second half as they were determined to leave with a win. Hackney took the upper hand and scored after a keeper's error to take a 1-0 lead.

Brentford struggled in the middle of the field and eventually tried to get up, but efforts by Chloe Logie were hampered by strong defending by Hackney. Close to the final minutes, Hackney found a break in the defence and managed to put a second goal in the net, securing a 2-0 win for themselves to end the season.

Brentford Women's B Team Head Coach Will Blithing said: "Obviously I'm disappointed that the final game of the season was a loss, and I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling that way. However, it was essential that the girls who had been away for the past few weeks get some playing time, If we want the season to end on a high note, we have to put all of our focus on winning the cup game on Sunday."

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