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Two new Premier League awards announced for 2021/22

Find out how the Most Improbable Comeback and Most Powerful Goal powered by Oracle will be decided

23 May 2022

Thunderbolt goals and the uncertainty of not knowing how a match will unfold are two of the key ingredients that make the Premier League so enjoyable to millions of fans around the world. This season there will be a celebration these elements with two new awards powered by Oracle, the Premier League’s official cloud supplier. Oracle uses advanced performance data and machine learning to deliver real-time in-match statistics, providing a deeper understanding of the live action to a huge global audience.

The Most Improbable Comeback award is based on Win Probability Statistic developed by Stats Perform, which calculates the chance of a team securing a win or draw by simulating the remainder of the match 100,000 times. The model is based on four years of match data and takes into account if a team are home or away, the current score, penalties awarded, players on the pitch, red cards and time left in the match. The probability of a win is calculated every minute for every Premier League match in a season, in real-time.

“Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, we will apply advanced data science and machine learning to examine the win probabilities for both teams in each minute of every match in the 2021/22 season,” said Ariel Kelman, Oracle Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. “The data will tell us which team had the least likely comeback of the year.”

The winner of this award will go to the team that came back to win from the most improbable circumstances, or where there was the lowest probability of a win.

The Most Powerful Goal award will be awarded to the goal scored in the Premier League this season that carries the fastest average speed from the ball being struck to crossing the goalline. Only goals scored from outside the area, without a deflection off another player, will be considered for the award.

Find out later this week if Brentford are in line for any of these awards. With the final day of the Premier League season yesterday, other awards have been handed out. Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year and the Golden Boot have been awarded. See more on the Premier League website here.

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