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Safe standing for next season

All you need to know about the proposed safe standing area for 2022/23

15 March 2022

Brentford FC has confirmed plans to install barrier seating at Brentford Community Stadium for the start of next season with a view to converting the entire West Stand, Block S100 in the South Stand and a section in the away end to licensed safe standing areas.

With the Season Ticket renewal deadline approaching tomorrow, Wednesday 16 March, 5pm, all your questions about safe standing are answered below.

What areas in the stadium will be impacted?

Barriers will be installed across the West Stand and Block S100 in the South Stand. Block S100 has been included to avoid those seated in this area having their sightlines impacted by those in the West Stand. A section of around 1,700 barrier seats will also be created in the away end to satisfy the expected licensing criteria.

Is safe standing permitted by law? 

Last year, the Government announced that they are taking the first steps to create safe standing areas at Premier League and Championship clubs, with a number of trials of barrier seating taking place from January 2022. Brentford will now liaise with the local authorities and the Sports Ground Safety Authority (SGSA) to submit an application to secure a safe standing licence for the 2022/23 season, subject to the outcome of those national trials.

In the unlikely event that the legislation does not proceed, then the barrier installation will still take place as we believe it will enhance spectator safety in areas where we have seen persistent standing.

What will the barriers look like? 

The barriers that will be installed at Brentford Community Stadium will be similar to the image below.

Safe Standing (1).jpeg

Will the seats be removed or changed? 

No, all of the existing seats will remain in position. We will simply be installing barriers in front of the seats.  

Is it still possible to sit in the proposed safe standing area?

Yes, it will be possible to sit, but we expect that the vast majority, if not all fans will stand during the game. If you do not wish to stand, then we encourage you to move to another part of the stadium to ensure that you get the best view of the match.

For more information on how to move out of or into the proposed safe standing area this click here.

If I am sitting, will the barrier impact my view? 

For adults, the barrier in front of you will be approximately in line with your chest so most adults will be able to see over the barrier if they are seated. However, you should expect that fans in front of you will be standing which will impact on your ability to see the game if you are seated.

Are children allowed into the proposed safe standing area in the West Stand and Block S100?  

As things stand, there is not a mandatory age or height restriction in the proposed safe standing areas. However, this may be imposed depending on the outcome of the national trials and discussions with the local authorities. Should this happen, we will contact those groups affected. Regardless of this, adults must think about the children in their group and consider whether a move to another part of the stadium is appropriate where it will be easier for children to see the match.

Were fans consulted as part of this decision?

Yes, a fan survey was conducted in December last year. 89 per cent of fans who responded indicated their support for the installation of safe standing in the West Stand. Taking this on board, the project was given the green light to proceed.

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