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đź’¬ "This task is probably the biggest we have faced so far"

Thomas Frank ahead of Tottenham Hotspur

23 April 2022

Thomas Frank expects Tottenham to come out fighting tomorrow as they seek to maintain their spot in the Premier League's top four. Spurs' four-game winning run came to a halt last Saturday with defeat to Brighton and Hove Albion but Thomas feels that will only spur Antonio Conte's side on to better this evening. Watch Thomas's press conference below. 

Latest injury news …

Zanka is out for the rest of the season with an adductor injury. Ethan Pinnock (hamstring) is hopefully only a couple of weeks. Sergi Canos is still out for a few weeks with a hamstring injury.  Frank Onyeka has an ankle ligament injury. That could be the end of the season, but we’ll see.

Our current run of form …

I am very proud and feel very privileged to be part of this club’s journey. Every staff member and every player work so hard to make us compete in the best league in the world and then we managed to win five out of six. The best thing is that we have fully deserved four of them. That makes me very, very pleased.

Last minute winners …

I was thinking about the three-and-a-half years I have been here, and I don’t think we had that many last-minute winners. We then play in the Premier League and have three which is remarkable for any team. This group of players is a remarkable group. It is a culture that has been created within the group, together with the coaching staff. I always say to the players that I can push the culture and performance level up to 85 per cent but the last, magical, 15 per cent is within the group. That is about the right characters and this group is phenomenal.

Tottenham Hotspur …

They have been on a very good run of form until Brighton disrupted. That result means they can go one of two ways, either they will drop, which I don’t think they will do under Conte, or, most likely, they will come flying out. This task is probably the biggest we have faced so far because of what is at stake, their mindset, and the way they will approach the game. That just makes it more fun and more interesting. If we can go out there and top perform, then I know we have a chance. I know we are difficult to play against and I know that Conte knows that. That is not to say that we will win but we will do our very best.

Their team is full of very good players. Their front two/front three is one of the best in the league. If you can stop Kane and Son, then you are a good step down the line. There are nine other players in the team but if we can take out their main threats that will be a big thing for us. It is easier said than done.

Setting up for Spurs …

For me, no matter who we play in the Premier League, we should be bang on it. It is natural in the first season, playing against some of the best players and best teams in the world, that you step up your game. I expect us, tomorrow, to do what we’ve done all season, especially at home, which is to come out flying and dominate in spells. Hopefully we will bring some aggressive high-pressure and dominate on the ball. We very much look forward to it.

The intensity of the game, in the way they press, has gone up since he took over. He is doing a classic Conte with a back three and wing-backs. If he has three midfielders and two good strikers, then he likes that 3-5-2 formation. Then if he has two good tens, like he does in Son and Kulusevski then he plays in that 3-4-3. It is very clear and structured, but it is easier said than done to close it down.

Antonio Conte …

I don’t know a single human being who doesn’t like to get a little bit of praise. I think we’ve done well and we’d like to do even more. I think Antonio is a fantastic manager; over the last ten years he has been very successful and very clear in his philosophy. He has been winning a lot of games and titles. I am looking forward to facing him.

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