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"I don’t feel under pressure; to be here again is a fantastic achievement"

Henrik Dalsgaard's pre-Play Off Final Press Conference

28 May 2021

Henrik Dalsgaard says it is a very relaxed camp going into tomorrow's Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final against Swansea City. The Bees' defender is one of nine starters from last season's Wembley defeat to Fulham still at the club and feel the squad is in a better place this time round. Henrik doesn't feel there are nerves in the group but rather a desire to go out and do well on the big stage. Watch Henrik's full pre-match press conference.

Henrik on last year’s experiences …

There’s a tiny bit more experience. We’ve all grown one more year which I think is a lot for some of the young players especially. That is the difference. We try not to think too much about [last year] and just keep the joy and excitement we have in the squad this year. We focus on where we are now and not what happened in the past. I can’t say what players do personally, if they need to look back to really drive them, but I just want to play on Saturday and have fun. This is why we play football; we play for these big, decisive games. That is where the fun is.

Henrik on the mood in the squad …

I don’t feel under pressure; to be here again is a fantastic achievement. We have a fantastic group of players, and friends, around me. We are ready to go out and play football and have fun. We don’t need to worry too much which I think is what hit us last year; we got scared of losing. The vibe in the squad is different this year. It just feels more relaxed and calmer. We saw how to tackle [that pressure] last year and hopefully we are in a better position this year.

People are having fun after training. They are staying two, three, four hours playing table-tennis or just having a coffee. That is really important for us as that culture is something we have been pushing since Thomas took over. The leadership group is a big part of that, trying to help all the young guys. You also don’t bring people in who don’t fit or don’t want to adapt to the squad. I don’t think we have any stars, it is one unit. The Brentford Family. You enjoy coming to work every day and that is a big part of it.

Even if you are injured you are still part of the family. Those [injured players] are really trying to push you and encourage you. They will be there on Saturday. Josh Dasilva has been limping out there to give a small speech. He wants it just as much as the guys on the pitch and that is so important for us.

Henrik on Saturday’s game against Swansea City …

We know it is going to be a tough, tough game. We try to focus on ourselves. I honestly believe that if we hit our top level then we are going to be really hard to beat. That is the only thing we focus on. Obviously there is an opponent but if we make it right then I’m sure we will make it. We just want to go out, have fun, and attack. If we make it, we make it. If we don’t we’ll deal with that later.

You have to think about the rewards because that might give you that extra ten per cent but the main thing is to go out and have fun. We need to do everything possible to do well. If we then hit our top level then I hope we are going to make it.

Henrik on the return of fans …

It will give everyone energy. We felt it the last time we played. It was amazing and so positive. You wanted to crack on and win that next tackle because you knew the crowd would be ready. We will be able to hear them compared to last year; it is going to be amazing.

Henrik on beating Bournemouth last weekend …

We try to take all the positive things we can from that game. The drive, the momentum, and, for me, the joy of playing football. You could see everyone was happy. The pitch was perfect, the weather was perfect, the fans in the stands. That is what you want and that is what you are looking for on Saturday.

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