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The class of 2020/21

Where does the 2020/21 campaign rank, statistically

14 June 2021

The 2020/21 season will go down in the Brentford FC history books for a variety of reasons. Not only did The Bees clinch promotion to the top tier for only the second time ever, it was, statistically, one of our best ever campaigns. In our 94 league campaigns so far, very few have bettered it.

Since three points for a win was introduced in the 1981/82 season, The Bees have only ever earned more than 85 points once, before the season just past. The 2013/14 side, which won promotion to the second tier, won 94 points, the Club Record, while 85 were earned in 1994/95, 1998/99 and 2008/09. The current team won 87 points, the second most ever.

The Bees lost just seven games, which equalled the lowest in a 46-game season, along with 2008/09. The 1932/33 team lost just six out of 42 and the 1934/35 side also lost seven. Some of Brentford’s best ever campaigns are listed below:

1929/30 – 42 games, 28 wins (joint Club Record), 61 points earned. Under three-points-for-a-win this team would have taken 89 points, 2.12 points per game equivalent (ppg).

1932/33 – 42 games, 62 points. This team would have won 88 points if three were awarded for a win, 2.10ppg.

1934/35 – 42 games, 61 points. This team would have earned 87 points if three were awarded for each win, 2.07ppg.

2013/14 – 46 games, 28 wins (joint Club Record), 94 points, 2.04ppg.

1962/63 – 46 games, 98 goals scored (Club Record), 62 points. This team would have earned 89 points under three for each win, 1.93ppg.

2020/21 – 46 games, 87 points, 1.89ppg.

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