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The Athletic looks at Brentford's relationship with STATSports

Article on how The Bees use data to make sure they are ‘ready to perform’

20 December 2021

Brentford are one of 14 Premier League clubs to work with STATSports. The company provide vests with GPS units that send back real time data. Matt King, in the Club's Athletic Performance team, discussed the relationship with STATSports in an interview with The Athletc.

Players wear a sports vest during training and in games which has a black GPS unit slotted into it that collects information on a range of metrics including their average heart-rate and maximum speed. Brentford’s backroom team closely monitor the data on a match day to gauge how the squad are performing. There is also other analysis undertaken through the week.

“We can get live feedback from these GPS units via a beacon that transfers the data onto an iPad,” says King. “My boss, Chris Haslam (Brentford’s Head of Athletic Performance), will have the iPad at the side of the pitch. We can make adjustments, or suggestions, accordingly.

“Let’s say we are looking at the data and we see that the metres per minute is quite high for a player and then over a five-minute period it starts reducing. If it reduces again, maybe it’s worthwhile substituting him but you have to take into context the game as well. That figure might be dropping because the ball is out of play a lot."

In the interview, Matt discusses other ways the Club uses STATSports data. The whole piece can be seen here. See more below.

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