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Match Reports

Second half comeback can't prevent defeat for Women's B Team

Bees lose to Camden Town Blues

2 December 2021

Brentford slipped to fourth place in the Greater London Womens Football League Division One North table after a 3-2 defeat to Camden Town Blue. It looked like Camden had the game in the bag when they took a 2-0 lead. Brentford put up a fight in the second half but, unfortunately, The Bees were unable to secure a win.

The first half saw little attacking action from The Bees as they kept losing possession to Camden’s midfield. Within four minutes, the opposition were up a goal and Brentford were scrambling to get what they could. Chances weren’t being created, passes weren’t being completed - but Bees goalkeeper Stacey Bishopp was on form to keep her team in the game.

Brentford really struggled to keep up and Camden took advantage of the visiting team’s absence and were able to find a the net a second time around the 40th minute mark. This seemingly hit the switch for Brentford's players as they had two very close shots within minutes both by Chloe Logie. One gelw inches wide of the post and the other skimmed over the crossbar.

Finding themselves 2-0 down at half time, The Bees returned with much more vim and hunger. They were up on communication, passes, shots and consistency. This time Camden were struggling to stay in the game as Brentford pressed in midfield and broke through multiple times.

It was this smooth play that fed Cheyenne the ball from midfield, who then with a clever back pass, slid the ball to Logie who fired home, giving The Bees their first goal of the game. Early in the second half, Brentford displayed to their opponents that they were still in the game.

Camden responded to this pressure, however, and scored again with a cross to the top right corner that saw Stacey stretch far but she could just not reach to stop it in time. Brentford persevered and tried to find a way through the thick defence Camden had developed.

By the 80th minute, Logie found the net again with a tap-in, which meant The Bees were back in the game and back to pressing the opposition. Unfortunately that was the last goal of the game and The Bees went home with a loss.

Disappointed in the teams initial performance, Head Coach Will Blithing was glad his team woke up in the end and said: "Every player showed why they deserve to be in this team in that second half and I’m happy with that. It’s a shame we couldn’t get a win though."

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