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Premier League share Zanka's Rainbow Laces allyship

Feature on Brentford defender

2 December 2021

The Premier League and all 20 clubs are currently celebrating Rainbow Lacess, demonstrating their ongoing commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ inclusion and making it clear that football is for everyone. All Premier League matches taking place between 27 November and 2 December are dedicated to Stonewall’s campaign. This includes our home match against Everton on Sunday, 28 November, and our away match against Tottenham Hotspur today, Thursday 2 December.

Brentford defender Zanka has been talking about the campaign. He spoke with supporter Gemma Teale, from the LGBeeTs group, for a special video feature. He was also featured extensively in the matchday programme for the Everton fixture.

Ahead of the match against Everton, Zanka and Gemma also spoke to Sky Sports. A video feature was compiled that ran ahead of the match. There is also a feature on the Sky Sports website and more details can be seen here.

The Premier League have shared Zanka's words with a worldside audience. In a feature on the Premier League website, here, the story has been told. The Club's video has also been shared, including his backing for punishment of all discriminatory abuse.

"We've got to get to the grassroots level and teach our children that homophobic language isn't acceptable," he said. "You'd never direct homophobic language at a stranger on the street, so why is it OK in a football stadium?

"Football is a game of feelings and emotions. When feelings run high, we might show the bad side of ourselves, but that still doesn't make it OK. We've got to keep calling it out when we hear it - that's the only way we'll stop such language being used."

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