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New Covid rules in place for fans

Fans must pre-register and confirm COVID status to be able to attend matches

16 December 2021

The Prime Minister last week announced that the Government’s Plan B winter COVID contingency strategy will be introduced following the emergence of the Omicron variant. Additional restrictions are being required nationwide as a result to help ensure that fans attending our matches can be as safe as possible.  

What has changed? 

There are three main changes.  

First, all adult fans (18+) will be required to pre-register online, self-declaring their COVID status in advance of the game. This is mandatory. 

Second, it will now be a requirement for all adult fans (18+) to either show (a) that they have an NHS COVID Pass (or an international equivalent) or (b) that they have had a negative result from a lateral flow test within 48 hours of the match. Fans may be refused entry to the match if they cannot do this.

Third, there will be significantly more spot-checks taking place at the stadium before each game. All adult fans (18+) may be checked, even though they have pre-registered their COVID status.  

Why are these new arrangements in place? 

In short, to help reduce the spread of the virus, to create a safe matchday environment and to help prevent capacity restrictions in the future.  We are all in this together and we all have a responsibility to keep our fellow Bees fans safe.

When do the new arrangements start? 

The first away match impacted is against Southampton on Saturday, 18 December. The first home match impacted will be the Chelsea game next Wednesday, 22 December.  The requirements will remain in place until further notice.

What do fans need to do?

We’ve broken it down into four simple steps to help fans through the process.

Step 1 – Self-declare your COVID status

All fans aged 18 and over will be required to pre-register their COVID status ahead of attending matches. This is to declare that they (a) hold a valid NHS COVID Pass or will only attend if they can show a negative lateral flow test result within 48 hours of the game, and (b) will not attend if they have COVID-19 symptoms.

This will be a simple online process. Click on this link to complete the online form.  This will be a one-off process for Season Ticket Holders, Premium Seat Holders and Members. Anyone wishing to buy individual match tickets will also need to self-declare at the point of purchase.

Please note - the self-declaration process is mandatory for all fans but your COVID status may still be checked at the stadium.

Step 2 – Get your NHS Pass

The best way to do this is by downloading the ‘NHS App’ on your smartphone. Log in and select ‘Get your NHS COVID Pass’ from the homepage, then follow instructions from the screen.

Please watch this short NHS video to guide you through the process:

Please add your NHS COVID Pass to your smartphone wallet or download it as a PDF before you leave for the game to avoid any connectivity issues at the stadium.
Please note that the ‘NHS App’ is different to the ‘NHS COVID-19’ app used for contact tracing. For further information, please click here.

Exemptions - Anyone who is medically exempt must be registered with the NHS in order to generate an NHS COVID Pass. Find out who can apply and how to apply for a medical exemption here. Please be aware that this can take a few weeks to process so you may need to show a negative lateral flow test before your exemption is confirmed.

Step 3 – Get tested

If you don’t have the NHS COVID Pass, then you must be able to demonstrate a negative lateral flow test result within 48 hours of the start of the game. You should do this by showing an email or a text message from NHS Test and Trace – please don’t bring the actual test kit to the stadium.

You must not attend a match if you have COVID symptoms.

We’d also encourage all fans, including those under the age of 18, to test ahead of each game even though younger fans won’t be checked on matchdays.

Step 4 – Plan your matchday and arrive early

All adults (18+) will be subject to spot checks at the stadium. Our team will be looking for either an NHS COVID Pass or proof of a negative test result within the last 48 hours. Fans who can’t show either will not be allowed in.

We strongly recommend that you add your NHS COVID Pass to your wallet or download it as a PDF before you leave for the game to avoid any connectivity issues at the stadium.

Please note that the blue vaccination card is no longer acceptable as proof of double vaccination. If you do not have a smartphone, please make sure you call 119 and ask for an NHS COVID Pass letter to be sent – or request one online or from your GP surgery. (Requests can take up to five working days so please allow enough time to do this).

Face coverings must be worn when moving around the stadium, when indoors or in congested areas and at all times when in hospitality areas (except when eating and drinking).

Arrive early - We will work hard to minimise queues at the stadium – you can help by planning your journey and arriving at least one hour before kick-off. Gates open two hours before kick-off. Fans arriving at the last minute will still be subject to checks and are likely to miss the start of the game. It is your responsibility to arrive early. 

Thank you for your co-operation.

For more information click here to read our FAQs on COVID certification.

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