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Press conference with a difference

Bradley Clayton and Zain Westbrooke take part in EFL Day of Action

25 March 2018

A group of Brentford B players were among those that took part in a special day that celebrated the achievements of Brentford FC Community Sports Trust. On Tuesday, 20 March, all 72 EFL clubs came together for a memorable Community Day of Action. In West London, Brentford FC Community Sports Trust showcased three of their most life-changing community projects. 

At Griffin Park Brentford B players Zain Westbrooke, Bradley Clayton, Jarvis Edobor and Nikolaj Kirk were  involved in the day. After playing a friendly against Manchester United Under-23, the quartet attended a unique post-match press conference with excited school children at the Griffin Park Learning Zone.

The school children were transformed into journalists with the help of Phil Parry and Billy Reeves from BBC Radio London. After an introduction to the art of journalism the youngsters grilled the players on their performance and wrote a match report on the Brentford v Manchester United clash.

Tom Moore, from Get West London, recorded and transcribed the press conference with Zain and Bradley in full. The questions and answers can be seen below.

Question: "Who do you think put the best effort in?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I think the whole team did today. It was a good team performance on and off the ball. Playing against Man United; they're a pretty big club and I'm sure some of you here support them. We had to put in as much as we can and it was a joint team effort today.”

Bradley Clayton: "I just echo his words. It was a tough game and everyone worked for each other.

Question: "Who do you think was the worst player?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I'd say Brad (joking). I think what the thing about today is nobody was bad as it all came together and we won.”

Question: "What's it like being a football player?"

Zain Westbrooke: "It's a great feeling. It's hard. It's difficult. You have to push yourself every day to be the best you can. It's probably something a lot of people will want to do and be in our shoes. We're grateful for it.”

Bradley Clayton: "It's a lot of sacrifice and a lot of hard work but the results are worth it.

Question: "Do you enjoy playing for Brentford?"

Zain Westbrooke: "Yes. Definitely. When you get games like today against Man United everyone will enjoy that.”

Bradley Clayton: "We get to play big teams and we're happy.”

Question: "Do you feel more pressure being captain?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I'd say, yes there may be a bit more pressure that I have to lead the team. Even if I'm not doing as well as I think I can I have to encourage everyone and make them play to the best of their ability.”

Question: "Did you have any doubts when it was 1-0 in the first half?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I wouldn't say doubts. I know, and I'm sure Brad knows, everyone can play well and we have enough to beat Man United. It's not ideal going 1-0 down but that's football and you have to learn how to overcome that and get through it.”

Bradley Clayton: "We've been in that situation before and turned it around. We know we can do it.

Question: "What inspired you to be a football player?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I'd say my dad. He loved football and got me into it very young. I always wanted to be on the big stage playing in front of fans.”

Bradley Clayton: "For me, when I was younger it's what I was drawn to as a kid. As you grow older, you can see it can be a viable option.”

Question: "What was the best skill you did?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I got a nutmeg. Any skill we're comfortable with is the best we can do to get through situations.

Question: "Were you annoyed with the own goal?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I wouldn't say I was annoyed. I was surprised he kicked it in the wrong goal. It happens and, again, being the captain, I have to get him up for it again and make him believe he's good enough and can get through the situation.”

Bradley Clayton: "These things happen so we have to get him performing well and get them back into the game. You need to boost them up.”

Question: "What aspect of the game do you think you could have improved on?"

Bradley Clayton: "Conceding the goal but that's unavoidable. Maybe score more as we had plenty of chances in the game and we could have got five or six.”

Zain Westbrooke: "I'd agree with that. Especially straight after the goal, we missed two or three good chances and if we'd scored it'd have calmed us down for a bit.

Question: "How long have you been at Brentford for?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I was 14 when I came here.”

Bradley Clayton: "I've been here since I was nine.”

Zain Westbrooke: "He's the veteran.”

Question: "How do you feel about the match overall?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I'm pleased with how it went. It was a big game for us, in front of a lot of people. I think we played well and the result is flattering for us.”

Bradley Clayton: "Man United are a big team and you're always extra motivated to win.

Question: "Where are you in your football career?"

Zain Westbrooke: "That's a good question. I'd say we're close to being where we want to be but this is the hardest point in someone's career as it's make or break.”

Bradley Clayton: "We're at the age where we need to progress on or there's no space for you. This is our key moment to become a footballer.”

Question: "How has your season gone so far?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I think it's gone well. I've been on loan and been to other clubs and come back today and see how far the team has come with a big win over Man United. I think it's gone quite well.”

Bradley Clayton: "I think you can see how we've progressed throughout the season. We beat Rangers last week and now everything is coming together and we're happy.”

Question: "Did you ever get injured or badly hurt?"

Zain Westbrooke: "Me, not really.” 

Bradley Clayton: "A few times. I've had a few surgeries. I broke my foot and my hand.”

Question: "Why do you have numbers on the back of your shirt?"

Bradley Clayton: "So the referee can give cards, maybe?"

Zain Westbrooke: "I'm not really sure. I like six.”

Question: "Do you think you'll ever leave Brentford?"

Zain Westbrooke: "Ideally not. I'd love to play for Brentford first team in that stadium with all you watching but, in football, you get moved around a lot.”

Bradley Clayton: "It's something you have to be prepared for. We'd both like to go as far as we can but it's a possibility.”

Question: "Why did you let Alistair Coote shoot for the first goal?"

Bradley Clayton: "I just thought he was in a better position than me. It's all about the team at the end of the day. He could score better from that angle.”

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