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Shamrock Pre-Match: 'We have to stay switched on'

Jarvis Edobor and Zain Westbrooke talk us through pre-match against Shamrock Rovers

10 February 2018

B Team players Zain Westbrooke and Jarvis Edobor took time out on Friday to talk pre-match for Shamrock Rovers.

Midfielder Zain and defender Jarvis spent the first part of their interview answering 10 Questions on their teammates, which is available on the Brentford FC YouTube channel.

Then the pair moved on to discuss the previous B Team fixture against Dundalk as well as looking ahead to a clash with Shamrock Rovers on Saturday afternoon. 

Jarvis began by describing his team's efforts in the 2-1 defeat to The Town on Wednesday night. He said: "We didn't deserve to lose it. I think, based on the first half, we were probably the better side. We dominated really, and it's just a shame that we couldn't back it up in the second half and take a win away from the game."

"It was a good test for us," added Zain. "We want to play games like that every week. They're a team that are competing to be in the Champions League, they played in the Europa League last year.

"It's a really good test for us and to be coming out disappointed is not always a bad thing. I think it's good to know that we believe in the squad that we should be beating a team like that. That's how we felt after the game."

The B Team captain agreed that the team went in at half time a little disappointed that they hadn't been two or three goals up.

"We had a chance in the fourth minute," said Zain. "I think if that one goes in, you never know, we might have gone on to score three or four in that first half. We allowed the game to stay tight between the two teams, they have a bit of pressure then we have a bit of pressure. In the end, that came through a set-piece in the second half and they ended up winning the game."

"Obviously it was disappointing to concede right at the very end," said Jarvis, "but the fact that it was from a set-piece is another blow because we know that's something they are good at. We should have been tighter with it, maybe it's just a bit of fatigue as we're coming to the end of the game. That split second can affect you and hurt you, and that's what happened to us."

The crowd at Oriel Park were right behind Dundalk from the start and that's something that both Zain and Jarvis picked up on.

"We need something like that," said Zain. "We had a good crowd last year against Manchester City at the end, and Manchester United, and I think they are the games we look forward to going in to. I wouldn't say it was the most hostile, but it was probably one of the most hostile games we've had. I've heard Shamrock are going to be the same."

Jarvis added: "I think it's something you've got to learn, to be able to deal with that pressure of not just playing well for your teammates but also that pressure of the crowd. When things weren't going too good for us, they were straight on to us and that's something you just have to deal with."

The two players also added that they had lessons to take into the game with Shamrock Rovers on Saturday afternoon.

"We have to stay switched on every second of the game," said Zain. "In football terms, we were right there with them and battling for everything.

"It is the set-pieces we know we need to work on and that's the difference probably between the level we are at now an the men's game. That's how Dundalk won the game so we know that's a big strength for a lot of these teams and tomorrow I hope we won't do the same again."

"I think we can definitely go out and give a good game against Shamrock," said Jarvis. "As Zain said, the set-pieces are something we need to tighten up on because in the main game we were good. We were threatening and didn't give them too many opportunities so I think we can take loads of confidence into the next game."

The full interview can be watched below.

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