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Big Book of Griffin Park: Stadium Expansion

With ground broken at the site of our new home, we head back to the 1920s when Griffin Park received its own makeover

6 April 2018

Harry Curtis’ arrival - which would lead to the total transformation of our football club - coincided with improvements to Griffin Park. These developments would eventually see the stadium expanded to become one of the most impressive in London. However, that didn’t happen overnight, as this extract outlines.

“You will, we are sure, note with pleasure the efforts made to brighten up Griffin Park during the last few weeks. A few pounds in paint and distemper and some willing workers has smartened up the old place wonderfully.

“The Supporters' League, or rather some six or eight, chiefly Committee-men, has covered the roof and painted the front of the stand and distempered the inside of the playing fence, whilst our trainer, Tom Ratcliff, has put in many extra hours upon the fencing and has thoroughly renovated his dressing rooms throughout.

“We are next tackling the job of renewing the steps of the North Terracing, which after six years' wear are crumbling in many places. No expenditure whatever has been incurred for labour, and the Directors feel very much indebted to the Supporters' League, Mr. Ratcliff and others for their efforts, which are very much appreciated.

“The playing pitch has benefited by the bushels of seed and fertiliser put into the ground in April and May last, and because of good growing weather at the right periods, it looks a picture. We ought to see some good football here as there are few better playing surfaces in our section of the League.”


Photo: Brentford keeper, J. Lee, poses during a training session at the Ealing Road end of Griffin Park (1926/27). The photos shows the still undeveloped Brook Road end in the background. 


This extract is just one of hundreds of stories included in the Big Book of Griffin Park which features tales and photographs from every year of Brentford’s stay at our proud old stadium. Not secured your copy yet? Click here to buy.

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