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Big Book of Griffin Park: “All’s well that ends well”

We head back to Saturday 4 May 1935 for “a crazy day at Griffin Park,” as Brentford conclude a title-winning season with victory over Sheffield United

26 April 2018

“Thirty Thousand Cheer Champions on to 3-1 Victory Over Sheffield United... Crowd Swarms on to Pitch as Game Ends... Players “Chaired” and Cheered by Frantic Fans… A THUNDEROUS roar of cheering shook Griffin Park at approximately 5.10pm on Saturday afternoon, when the referee, with a loud blast of his whistle, shrilled the end of the 1934/35 football season. At the same instant nearly 30,000 Brentford fans went berserk.

“Minutes before the end of the Bees’ curtain game with Sheffield United the packed masses had begun to clamber over the barriers and on to the touchlines until we had the unusual spectacle of the fringes of the pitch being invaded while the game was still in progress. When, at last, the end came, the eager thousands swarmed across the field in a wave of jubilation, intent only on mobbing their heroes and paying tribute to the men who had just crowned with a 3-1 triumph the most glorious season in the history of the club.

“It was an amazing sight. Straggling Bees were caught up in the torrent before they could gather their wits, and were hoisted upon the shoulders of a surging sea of supporters. Holliday, Hopkins, Bateman, all were trapped in a barrage of humanity that must, unintentionally, have been a great deal tougher than any tussle. However, all’s well that ends well, and the police managed eventually to rescue the ‘champions’ from the frantic fans.

“Then followed the presentation of the Championship Shield and medals by Mr. F. W. Rinder of the Football League Management Committee. As player after player came down to receive his badge of honour, the crowd in front roared their applause. They continued to roar throughout the speech-making and welter of congratulations that were showered on all and sundry, yelling only for their favourites, for ‘Olliolliolli’, for ‘Di’ for Jackie Burns, and for all the others.

“What a day! What a blaze of glory and excitement! Another whoop split the air when Mr. Frank Davis, vice-chairman of the Brentford board, announced that Bolton had gone up to the First Division with Brentford. And yet another for manager Harry Curtis when he thanked the crowd for their loyalty and support. A memorable occasion, indeed, and one which will live in the minds of everyone present when Saturday, May 4th 1935, is but a hazy day in the long ago.”

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