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'We put ourselves in a position to lose'

B Team captain talks to iFollow about Rangers, Solihull and the season ahead

5 October 2017

Zain Westbrooke spoke to iFollow in the week following Brentford B's 5-2 loss to Rangers. The B Team captain discussed the game, his time away on loan and his ambitions for the rest of the season.

"I think we were quite disappointed in how that went," said Zain, starting with the topic of the match. "I think we all thought we could have been a lot better. On the ball, like usual, we were good and we attacked. We created quite a lot of chances, didn't take many of them, especially in the early stages of the game.

"I think if we had done that, it may have killed the game earlier, but we put the pressure on ourselves. Our defending definitely wasn't good enough and we got punished by a good team."

Asked about his frustration to have created so much but produced so little in the way of goals, Zain said: "We put ourselves in a position to lose. I think we could have easily been three-nil up in the first 20 minutes and really put the game to bed and started playing some better stuff.

"We put ourselves under pressure and we didn't defend well enough to win the game.

"[Kevin O'Connor] was quite disappointed, quite angry with us that we didn't do enough. We did have to watch the game back, go through it all as a team and analyse ourselves. We're not here to win and lose games, we are here to be better footballers and we have to learn from it. Losing is part of that, but we have to know what to do next time if we're in that position."

Zain also spoke to iFollow about his recent loan spell with Solihull Moors, which he mentioned in a programme interview earlier this month.

"It was good," he said. "It was short. I got a red card, which I think was unlucky. It was a really good experience while I was there and I would love to go back. It's part of my development now to get into the First Team environment and needing to win games. It would make me more ready for the First Team, so I want to do that, but while I'm here I want to play for the B Team, train well and become a better player."

Looking ahead into October, Brentford B have games against Exeter City and Manchester City next on their schedule. Zain believes these will be more testing fixtures.

"Both are big games and both are very different games. I think Exeter will be maybe less technical but a lot more physical. They'll have a strategy and they'll use it. Against City, they will have a very different strategy. We played them a lot last year and they are very technical.

"They're ruthless and it's good to play games like both Exeter and Man City because you have to play differently, you have to adapt to the game and you have to be better than your opponent, whichever style they choose."

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