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Club meets fans consultation group

Senior Club officials discuss plans for Brentford Community Stadium with supporters

20 October 2017

Prior to Brentford's Sky Bet Championship win over Millwall last week, senior Club officials held a first meeting with a fans consultation group as part of the process to plan for the final games at Griffin Park and the move to the Brentford Community Stadium. Earlier this year the Club pledged to put together a consultation group to discuss the stadium move - which is still subject to final planning hurdles. This group will meet regularly to ensure fan opinions are considered when the Club makes the switch to the new ground.

The minutes from the first meeting can be seen below:

Final Season at Griffin Park / Build towards the New Stadium

Fan consultation Group – Key Ideas / Suggestions

Saturday 14th October 2017



Cliff Crown, Mark Devlin, Alan Walsh, Kurt Pittman, Madeleine Tarrant, David Hayes


Brian Burgess, Nick Bruzon, Gemma Teale, Darrell Goddard, Jon Bishop, Ron Cooper, Phil Marchant, Anna Mason, Steve Cowan, Mark Ristic, Sean Cudmore

Final Season at Griffin Park

Ideas and suggestions ;

  • a feature on Griffin Park through the ages in each of the programmes for the final season
  • would be possible to reproduce some old Griffin Park programmes, Steve Curran has a programme from the Christmas game in 1907 he would be happy to lend for reproduction
  • a single place that all could upload photos (Instagram), current and historic, to, so that the character and every corner of Griffin Park could be captured
  • video long standing supporters talking about their earliest memories of Griffin Park
  • could Griffin Park be opened for a day to allow supporters to come in walk around, take photos, relive and capture memories.  Some discussion on when this would be best – weekday, weekend or matchday, Mark Devlin suggested allowing people to move around and access the stadium after a game, when many would be here already
  • clarity on dates as far in advance as possible, so that people can make the appropriate arrangements, as some may want to travel from some distance for the last game at Griffin Park and first game at the new stadium.  If possible it would be helpful if the games were close together so long distance travelling supporters could go to both
  • catalogue items / parts of Griffin Park that are for sale, this is an opportunity for the Club to raise revenue, by selling seats, signage, turnstiles ; with a potential percentage donation towards the Community Sports Trust
  • run some prize draws as there will be a number of fans that could not afford to bid high on items, but would greatly value a part of the stadium
  • good clear communications at each building milestone
  • asking the EFL for dispensation to reduce the away allocation for the last game to accommodate more supporters in Brook Road
  • explore the option of a Beamback of the last game at Griffin Park to the new stadium for those that could not get tickets
  • kit for the last and first games should be as close as possible to the original 1904 shirt as possible.  Also canvas interest from fans in buying a replica
  • supporters, and supporters’ groups, need to step up and be involved to make sure a fitting final season and transition are delivered
  • keen to see the Programme Club involved
  • tickets for the final game at Griffin Park should be restricted to one per Season Ticket holder or member to ensure there are enough for all Season Ticket holders and Members

Priority / Access / Season Tickets at the new stadium

  • see some real, concrete proof that the new stadium is really happening, before final plans at Griffin Park start being put in place, announce the signing of contracts and start of work widely
  • the new stadium and the last season should be seen as huge opportunities for the Club, maximise revenue, by pushing Memberships as a way of getting priority access
  • suggested priority access for those who had held their Season Tickets for three years or more
  • cheaper pricing for those who had held Season Tickets for three or more years
  • the consultation group would prefer priority access over a discount for loyalty
  • if there was some leeway in the ticketing budget the group would rather see it used to lower the price of junior and student Season Tickets
  • Ticket Access Points could be used to prioritise – “access” being the key for supporters who had followed the team to a number of away games
  • is there any way people can go to the new stadium and see possible seating options?  The move will be mid season and decision will need to be made when the stadium is still under construction.  How will the Club manage this?  CGI / 3D modelling confirmed as in planning
  • option for three, five and ten year Season Tickets was raised
  • there should be a physical ticketing facility as well as the online portal
  • when we break ground communications should be released defining and opening the waiting list for access to new stadium Season Tickets
  • don’t assume everyone would want to be sat with the people they are sat with now, and try to move everyone to the equivalent space at the new stadium. Many people will see this as an opportunity to change their seating arrangements
  • some concern that people may want to move around after the first half season at the new stadium, some mechanism should be in place to allow them this opportunity
  • more details on the Premium Seating and asked that the Club not be seen to prioritise the Premium Seat holders over Season Ticket holders and general access

Safe Standing

  • would there be take up for a whole stand of safe standing?  The group were strongly in favour
  • could we have un-allocated sections, allowing people to buy a number of tickets in a certain section and go with friends who may not come to additional games
  • what can we do to encourage a colourful, noisy, singing end?
  • if we were not allowed safe standing thought be given to sightlines for anyone seated behind an area where people are likely to stand regardless
  • an allocated area at the front where juniors could go, so they have a less obstructed view and could be in an area together with their friends – as in previous times, when children were passed to the front.  There are question on what ages and whether they would be accompanied by an adult from a safeguarding perspective

New Stadium ideas / suggestions

  • the new stadium be fully tested, even beyond the requirements before the move to allow the move to go smoothly and the new stadium to be successful and glitch free from the start
  • use the Griffin Park turnstiles as table bases in the new stadium
  • what memories and archive items do we want displayed where?
  • the Club should emphasise the opportunity the new stadium presents.  Announcements should be bigger, louder, really building up to breaking ground
  • the Club should have players, stakeholders, supporters, Buzzette, Natalie Sawyer attend the groundbreaking ceremony, not just CC with a spade
  • encourage everyone in the end of the stadium to wear home shirts, creating a wall of colour.  Could a discounted Home shirt be offered for the first season to encourage this, could a free shirt could be offered instead of a loyalty discount
  • working with Level Playing Field, who have had input into the accessible seating / areas, and the architects have ensured we are fully compliant with the Green Guide

Comments should be sent to

Next meeting ; Saturday 2nd December at 10:30am (before the Fulham game) in The Hive.

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