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The fanActiv blog: part three

17 March 2017

Mark Chapman from Brentford's media team is taking the fanActiv challenge

My challenge, aided and abetted by the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust via their 2017 fanActiv programme, is to use the power of football fans to turn my overweight body into something more streamline - alongside a dozen or more others - over a 12 week programme.

This is the third part of my fanActiv blog - you can also read parts one and two. As you may know, fanActiv is all about bringing rival fans together in order for a common purpose, and that’s to get healthy and lose weight.

This week, our expert - Buvana Ailoo - has recently been teaching us how and what types of food we normally eat and how that is broken down. It was also time for weigh-in last Monday, the first since I’ve been on the programme.

The moment before anyone overweight puts themselves on the scales is a daunting one, but this was a nice surprise. I’ve lost 11 pounds to weigh in at 17 stone 7 pounds. That’s a pretty good rate of weight loss since the initial weigh-in at the first week of February, even if I am blowing my own diet trumpet. 

The news felt good, working hard does results. The main difference has been cutting back on alcohol and carbs, plus stepping up the exercise. For all those wanting to bin potatoes and pasta for ever, you do need carbohydrates in your weekly meals, so a full one Atkins diet conversion is probably not needed, or even recommended. Remember though, I’m not a professional, so seek advice from someone that is.

The actual weight I eventually reach isn’t a concern, but more body shape. I reckon I’ve got around two stone to lose though, but as with others, my rate of fat loss will plateau over the next couple of months. However, I can do better, there’s still too much chocolate being eaten as a snack plus 

The recommended guide is 10,000 steps a day and I’ve been hitting that pretty regularly now. I can do better, and some of the people undertaking the fanActiv challenge have been hitting 25,000 a week, which is fantastic given how inactive some were only a month ago.

Fortunately for me, I’m on holiday from Sunday [sorry] but the exercise will continue in LA - read my next blog early next month to find out if I've kept in trim. 

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