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Brentford welcome football agents for presentation evening

24 October 2016

Robert Rowan hosts open discussion about development in West London

This evening, Jersey Road played host to several presentations dedicated to showcasing Brentford's development strategy to football agents from the UK and abroad. Head of Football Operations Robert Rowan explained to what that meant.

"When we redeveloped our Football Department this summer," said Robert. "We decided to take a unique approach by implementing our new B Team Model. Together we decided that if we were going to successfully build our new initiative, or way of working, we wanted to make sure that all stakeholders understood our strategy and our measurements for success. We also had to make sure that we had, most importantly, the ability to communicate our strategy to others in order to build interest and understanding.

"We’ve hosted meetings with staff and players to share our plans and tonight allowed us the opportunity to present to football agents the reasons why both parties would benefit from a more efficient collaboration.

"We started by talking about the strategies of both Brentford's First Team and the B Team. We then looked into certain aspects of the Club's structure in depth, such as our style of play, the analysis of our players and how we plan for success. Talking about these things at an evening like this really helps create an understanding of where we want to find talent and how we plan to cultivate it."

"The aim of tonight was to streamline our ways of communicating with football agents. To do this we had to be open and transparent with them so that they could improve their understanding of the Club and what we look for in a football player. We respect the role football agents have in the modern game and we are confident tonight has allowed us to establish more relationships and share our ideas."

Charlie McNicholas, one of the agents present at Jersey Road tonight, was impressed by the open environment which was created in the discussions throughout the evening.

"It's great to have a club invite us in and actually reach out to us as agents rather than treat us with suspicion as some clubs seem to do," said Charlie. "It's nice to get that understanding of what development here means and what type of player can fit into this system.

"In my view, I'm quite in favour of what the Club are doing. I think the challenge of playing bigger teams at an earlier stage will really help players develop and we spoke tonight about the need for a pathway to compete with the massive clubs elsewhere in London. The competition for a place in football is so fierce that agents such as myself need to be able to identify what a club needs and match that with players who we believe can play here. That requires a large amount of trust from both sides.

"The format for tonight's meeting was great, we know as agents that it can be difficult for clubs to be so open and honest about who they want to attract into their development systems. On this occassion we were able to have more of a discussion about what this team wants and give feedback from our own perspectives, and that is certainly a refreshing experience in my opinion."

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