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127 years ago today..........

23 November 2016

Read the match report from the first ever Brentford game played 127 years ago today against Kew

125 years ago today Brentford played their first ever match, a friendly against Kew that finished 1-1.
Recent research has uncovered the match report from that first ever match.
The image above is of that first match report, the details of the match have been reproduced below

KEW V BRENTFORD – On Saturday last, in rather damp weather, the first match played by the new Brentford F.C took place on their own ground, when, in spite of a good deal of sharp play on the part of their opponents they managed to hold their own , the game resulting in a draw, one goal to one.

It was easily to be seen that neither team had had a long existence, and many faults could be pointed out on both sides: but as it is a newly-started venture we will be kind.

The first goal fell to Brentford, being kicked by Bonell, who played excellently throughout, as did also Bloomer and Beavor.

Sterling service, it may also be mentioned, was rendered by Drabble and Gatrell.

This was close after the commencement of the game and the hopes of the Brentfordians, at such an auspicious start, ran high.

For a considerable time nothing but wild play all round the field, in the course of which the lack in both teams in practice in passing was clearly demonstrated, resulted, when a very narrow squeak happened for Brentford.

The ball was kicked to the goal very swiftly, but was stopped by the actions of Edwardes (goal) and the cross-piece.

As it fell, however, a Kew Bridge man pushed the ball through with his hand, whereupon, after some excited discussion (which was fully frequent during the afternoon) a free kick was awarded by the umpire to Brentford.

The ball went to the other side with a rush and shortly afterwards returned, and the Brentford goal fell to a fine kick by A Day.

Corners, free kicks and outs were then the order of the hour, and in spite of a skilfully managed kick against the goal-posts by Bonell, no further advantage was gained by either side.

The following were the teams:

Brentford F.C – H. Leslie Edwardes (goal); J. J. Curtis, capt., J. H Bailey, vice-capt, (backs); A.C Drabble, C. Almond, H.W Dodge (half-backs); G.H. Bloomer, H. Gatterell, R.D. Beaver, C.S Burgess, T.H.M Bonell (forwards): umpire, Mr. Barr (late of St Mark’s College, F.C.)

Kew F.C – F Smith (goal); A. Day, O. Lister (backs); G. Pring, H. Pring, W. Stone (half-backs): Arthur Pring, R. Gale, H.A. Brill, H. Saiter, W. Brown (forwards); umpire, Mr. Alan Pring.

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