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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're stuck for an answer to a question then you've found the right place, below you'll find a range of frequently asked questions that we've tried to answer for you. If for some reason you can't find what you're looking for then it might be worth having a look at one of the following:

In some instances that might not work so you'll find various contact details online here. One of the team will be able to help you.

Q: Can I buy tickets online?

A: You can buy tickets online here to see all games that are on sale. Before making any purchases, you will need to login to your account or register if you have not bought from Brentford FC before.

Q: How do I log in to my account online?
A: You can login here to your account.

Q: Which ticket category should I buy?
A: You should purchase the ticket that reflects your age as of 1 August in the given season. Our ticketing categories are as follows:

Adult - 25-64
Seniors - 65+
Young Persons - 18-24
Juniors - Under 18

Q: Can I purchase a ticket in the Away Stand at Griffin Park?
A: Please contact the visiting club's Ticket Office, they will issue all tickets for the Away Stand.

Q: How can I choose my seat online?
A: Once you are logged into your account and have chosen a particular game, choose the "Click here to select seats" button. This will take you to the stadium plan; here you can chose the stand, block and seats required.

Q: How can I buy a Family Area match ticket?
A: Family Area match tickets are only available through the Ticket Office. Please call 020 8847 2511 (option 1), Monday-Friday from 10am until 4pm.

Q: If the club are using Ticket Access Points to help manage access to tickets and we the fans are being allowed to purchase on behalf of our friends and family, is there a limit to the number of tickets we can purchase?
A: Fans who qualify (via their TAP) will only will be able to buy their ticket and a ticket for each of their friends and family who qualify. For example, if fans need 50 Ticket Access Points to buy on the first day of sales; fan A has 52 TAPs and has five friends and family he's connected with and two of them have 50 or more TAPs and the other three have less than 50 TAPs. Fan A can buy three tickets – one for each of the people who have 50+ TAPs. If Fan A wants to buy for himself and all five friends and family then he'll need to wait until the fan with the lowest number of TAPs qualifies for access.

Q: If I have friends and family connections that don't qualify at the same time as me? For example, if I have someone who has only purchased on General Sale connected to my account and I'm a Season Ticket Holder with enough TAPs to access on day one of sales could I purchase for my Friend?
A: No, as it is one per person. Only when your friend qualifies will you be able to purchase their ticket for them in order to sit together.

Q: I don't know my login details?
A: If you don't know your login details and you know you have an account, please DO NOT register a new account as you'll end up locking yourself out. Call or email the Ticket Office with your name, address and fan number - you will then be notified of your login details by email.

Q: Why can't I login and buy tickets?
A: This could be for a number of reasons. The main reason is most likely that for this game you do not meet the criteria to purchase, i.e. you are not a Season Ticket Holder, Member or do not have a purchasing history. If that's not the case please do contact the Ticket Office on 020 8847 2511 (option 1).

Q: How do I change Adult rate to Senior or Junior in the basket?
A: Select the drop down menu where it says Adult, you'll see other options there. Select the one you require and update the basket. You should see the price and ticket type change.

Q: In my basket, it says "one or more customers do not qualify" what does this mean?
A: This means either you or your friends and family do not meet the criteria to buy tickets for that game. Therefore, if you have purchased tickets in the past and others haven't, you need to remove them from your basket to proceed to buy.

Q: How many tickets can I buy?
A: Each match varies, we'll identify allocations online when we announce that tickets for a given match go on sale.

Q: Will the Club be issuing new Brentford Cards each season?
A: No. Fans will need to retain these after the 2017/18 season.

Q: I have lost my Brentford Card which my Season Ticket is on. What should I do?
A: If you have lost your Brentford Card, you'll need to get a new one which incurs a £10 admin fee. We will process and upload all the fixtures onto your new Brentford Card. If you come along to the Ticket Office on the day of the game and haven't previously informed us you have lost your Brentford Card, there is a £5 admin fee for issuing a replacement ticket for the game and a £10 admin fee for a replacement card. It is best to advise us at least 48hours before a game if you have lost your Brentford Card to minimise fees. If however, your Brentford Card has been stolen and you can provide a police report number, we will replace it for free.

Q: On a matchday, I left my Brentford Card at home, or I forgot my print at home ticket, will I be charged extra to gain access to the match?
A: In this situation, you will need to visit the Ticket Office to obtain a paper ticket to enter the ground. All reprints incur a £5 admin fee.

Q: Can I change my Season Ticket to another age bracket?
A: Yes. The best way to do this is to call the Ticket Office at least 24hours before a game. A ticket will be issued in replacement after paying an upgrade fee, which can be collected or posted for a £1 fee.

Q: Do I get into the stadium with my Brentford Card having upgraded my Season Ticket?
A: No. You will need to use the replacement paper ticket for the game. Your Season Ticket on your Brentford Card will not get you access.

Q: Can I upgrade online?
A: No you cannot upgrade online. Please call the Ticket Office on 020 8847 2511 (option 1), Monday-Friday from 10am until 4pm to arrange an upgrade.

Q: When will home games go on sale?
A: Initially fans will receive information via the Club's online communication channels advising of match ticket details and specifically when tickets will go on sale to different types of ticket purchasers (i.e. Season Ticket Holders, Club Members, Previous Purchasers). We'd also recommend you check your email preferences to ensure that you have opted in for club communications by email and mobile. You can see all games that are now on sale here.

Q: When will away games go on sale?
A: As soon as we have any information regarding tickets from the away club, we will inform fans via the Club's owned digital channels. You can see all games that are now on sale here.

Q: I've booked online, how will I receive my ticket?
A: Please check the fulfilment section on your e-mail confirmation. This will tell you if your ticket has been uploaded to your Brentford Card (Club Members only), is being posted, held for collection or if you chose an e-ticket to print at home.

Q: I am from overseas, how do I receive my ticket?
A: If you have an address outside the United Kingdom your ticket will be left for collection at the Ticket Office (located on Braemar Road); on non-matchdays from Monday-Friday (10am until 4pm), midweek matchdays 6pm until kick-off and weekend matchdays 12pm until kick-off. Ticket collections are from the Collection Point in Braemar Road in front of the Ticket Office.

Q: When is the Ticket Office open?
A: The Ticket Office telephone line (020 8847 2511, Option 1) is open from 10am - 4pm Monday to Friday. The Ticket Office is open from 10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday and 12pm - 5:30pm on weekend matchdays and 10am - 10pm on mid-week matchdays.

Q: Do you have any car parking available on matchdays?
A: No, unfortunately, due to the limited size of our parking facilities we are unable to offer fans parking. There are pay and display car parks in the area but parking is very limited. Alternatively, Brentford Station is located 0.4 miles away from Griffin Park (approximately an eight-minute walk).

Q. I want to get the train to Brentford, where do I go?
A. The closest train station to Griffin Park is Brentford Station, the station offers over-ground/national rail services. Alternatively, if you are planning to travel on the London Underground the closest stations are South Ealing (Piccadilly Line) and Gunnersbury (District Line). From South Ealing you may also use the 65 bus into Brentford.

Q: Who do I need to contact for Disabled Tickets at Brentford Football Club?
A: Madeleine Tarrant can assist, you can e-mail her on or call the Ticket Office on 020 8847 2511 (option 1).

Q: What is a booking/purchasing history?
A: This is a record of past ticket purchases made online, over the telephone or in person from the Ticket Office.

Q: How can I print off my e-ticket/Print-at-Home ticket?
A: When you receive your email receipt, attached to that is a PDF file, this file is your match e-ticket. You can identify this as it has a bar code which is required for entry into the stadium. You will need to print this page and bring it with you to Griffin Park on matchday.

Q: How long in advance are matches released for sale?
A: Home match tickets can go on sale around six-eight weeks prior to a fixture online, four weeks prior to a fixture we will make tickets available to buy in person from the Ticket Office.

Q: Why is there a limit per person on tickets?
A: The limit is to give as many people as possible a fair chance to attend the match.

Q: Can I collect my Away Tickets at the Away Club on matchday?
A: This varies from Club to Club, typically these need to be collected from Griffin Park during opening hours.

Q: When do tickets prices increase from advance prices to matchday prices?
A: These now increase at 10am on the day of the fixture.

Q: I have purchased a home Match Ticket and now find out I cannot make the game, can I get a refund?
A: All home Match Tickets are non-refundable unless the fixture is postponed or abandoned.

Q: What does Brentford Card upload mean?
A: This means that a ticket you have bought for a home game has been loaded to your Brentford Card. Please use this card to enter the stadium.

Q: How do I add friends and family?
A: Once you are logged in. Go to My Account - Friends and Family. Add the person you want to join your F&F by adding their fan number. However, if a person is already part of another F&F group he/she cannot belong to two groups at the same time at this moment in time.

Q: How do I check how many Ticket Access Points I have?
A: Once you are logged in, click on My Account. A summary of your account including your total Ticket Access Points will be displayed. If you require further details, click Order History and Ticket Summary.

Q: Why didn't I get the rest of my Ticket Access Points, I purchased more than one ticket?
A: You only get Ticket Access Points for one ticket per game. If you are buying for others who are Members, you need to ensure you purchase under their account too, to ensure the correct Ticket Access Points are added. This cannot be amended after the purchase has been made.

Q: I chose for my tickets to be collected, can I change that to print at home?
A: No, once you have picked either post or collect, we cannot reverse your order unless we refund your purchase.

Q: What is a restricted view seat?
A: Due to the age of Griffin Park there are a number of seats that have a restricted or severely restricted view of one or both goalmouths or partial areas of the pitch. These are categorised as having a 'Restricted View' or 'Severely Restricted View'. Restricted View is where you are able to watch the match but have to move your head/body to find the best view. Severely Restricted View is where you are able to watch the match but the view of one or more of the goals is obscured. These tickets are priced accordingly, with a discount on the advertised face value for that area. There are also other seats in the stadium where there is a roof supporting pillar in the viewpoint. Although no discount applies, the view from the vast majority of these seats is very good. Ahead of booking, please contact the Ticket Office directly if you would like information on any specific view in the stadium. Call us on 020 8847 2511 (option 1) or email

Q: What is the Club's Ticket Exchange?

A: It's a service we offer to Season Ticket Holders who are unable to attend Sky Bet Championship home games. Season Ticket Holders can release their seat using the Ticket Exchange and that seat will be made available to other Brentford supporters to purchase once the stadium is at 90% capacity. Brentford supporters then have the opportunity to purchase returned tickets online.

Q: I released my seat via the Ticket Exchange but it hasn't been sold. Will I still receive a credit against the cost of my Season Ticket next season?
A: No, credit towards your Season Ticket for the next campaign will only be applied if your seat has been sold.

Q: How do I release my seat via the Ticket Exchange?
A: Visit the Ticket Exchange online here and follow the Ticket Exchange seat release instructions.

Q: Can a disabled supporter return their seats via the Ticket Exchange?
A: Disabled Season Ticket Holders are able to return their tickets via the Ticket Exchange. This can be done until kick-off on matchday. Please visit the Ticket Exchange online and follow the seat release instructions. Alternatively, contact the Ticket Office on 020 8847 2511 (option 1), they will gladly assist.

Q: I have released my seat on the Ticket Exchange for a game I now want to attend but my seat has been sold, what do I do?
A: You will need to purchase a Match Ticket (subject to availability) at full price. You will not be able to get your seat back for this particular match.

Q: How can I find out if the seat I released via the Ticket Exchange has been sold for a specific match?
A: You can check this by logging into your online account and selecting 'Ticket Exchange' from the 'My Account' menu on the top right-hand side of the screen. Follow the instructions to complete the process. Alternatively, contact the Ticket Office on 020 8847 2511 (option 1) who will gladly assist.

Q: I originally released my seat via the Ticket Exchange, I changed my mind and purchased an alternative seat as my seat had already been sold. Will my card be activated for that match?
A: No, you will be issued with a paper ticket.

Q: What is a Buyback?
A: This is known as Ticket Exchange, where a Season Ticket Holder can return their seat via the Ticket Exchange. The Club will make the seat available for sale to other Brentford supporters once the stadium is at 90% capacity. However, there is no guarantee that the seat will be released by the Club or will be purchased if released.

Q: I have released my seat via the Ticket Exchange for a game I now want to attend, what do I do?
A: If your seat is still available, you can re-book it by logging in to your online account and selecting 'Ticket Exchange' from the menu on the top right side of the screen. Follow the instructions to complete the process. Alternatively, contact the Ticket Office on 020 8847 2511 (option 1) who will gladly assist.

Q: How much credit will I receive against the cost of my Season Ticket next season?
A: Visit the Ticket Exchange online here for full details.

Q: If I don't renew my Season Ticket can I redeem my Ticket Exchange credit for cash or transfer to another Season Ticket?
A: Ticket Exchange credit can only be redeemed by renewing the Season Ticket that the credit was earned. Ticket Exchange credit cannot be redeemed for cash or transferred.

Q: I don't know if I'm a Club Member?

A: Being a Club Member costs £20 Adults, £5 Juniors between 3 and 17 years and 0-2-year-old Juniors are free. If you haven't paid that, then you would not be a Member. If you are still unsure, please email and they will confirm for you.

Q. I have a Membership, what can I use this for?
A: Membership can be used for gaining Ticket Access Points by purchasing tickets. You can also get £5 discount on your ticket purchase for the home League games. Along with Season Ticket Holders, Members also get exclusive ticket/retail offers. Members will also receive priority access to home league match tickets.

Q: How many tickets can I buy with my Member's priority period?
A: You can buy a maximum of four tickets per game with your members' priority period. You will have to wait for tickets to go on general sale to purchase more than four tickets.

Q: Can I buy Match Tickets for a game on restricted sale if I purchase a Club Membership?
A: No, you must also have a booking/purchase history to be eligible for games which are not on general sale.

Q: When will I receive my Membership pack and Brentford Card?
A: If you are renewing the same membership as last year, a new card will not be issued but a welcome pack will be received in the post shortly afterwards. If you are a new member or there is a change of category, a new card and welcome pack will be received.

Q: Can an adult purchase a ticket with a Junior/Bee Team Membership?
A: Junior Members will be able to buy up to four tickets for home league match games and one ticket will have to be a junior ticket.

Q. Who is able to earn Loyalty Rewards?

A. Season Ticket Holders and Club Members.

Q. What is the difference between Loyalty Rewards and Ticket Access Points?
A. Loyalty Rewards are generated from spending on identified products and services. Ticket Access Points (TAP) are only earned through purchasing Match Tickets both home and away – Season Ticket Holders and Club Members must now attend home matches to gain TAP.

Q. What can I earn Loyalty Rewards on at Brentford FC?
A. Season Ticket Holders and Club Members can earn Loyalty Rewards for purchasing Merchandise from the Stadium Shop and the Online Shop. Season Ticket Holders earn ten rewards and Club Members earn three rewards for each full £1 spent respectively. We intend to increase the range of products that fans can earn Loyalty Rewards on so keep checking for further information as we progress through the season.

Q. How do I collect Loyalty Rewards at Brentford FC?
A. Simply present your Brentford Card at the point of purchase in the Stadium Shop or login to your Online account and your Loyalty Rewards will be awarded based on what you purchase. Loyalty Rewards cannot be awarded at a later stage.

Q. Where/how can I redeem my Loyalty Rewards?
A. You can redeem your Loyalty Rewards for payment or part-payment of merchandise in the Club Shop. In time we anticipate being able to put them towards items such as selected home Match Tickets. Please note that the minimum redemption value for each transaction will be £1 (equivalent of 100 points).

Q. Why would I want to collect Loyalty Rewards?
A. With every Loyalty Reward you earn, you help lower the cost of selected Club products and Merchandise in the first instance. All Loyalty Rewards are redeemable at the Club. (see 'Where/how can I redeem my rewards?' for more details).

Q. How much is a Loyalty Reward worth?
A. Each Loyalty Reward earned is worth 1p – so if, for example, if you've earned 1,000 Loyalty Rewards you can redeem £10.00 off your future purchase(s). For more information see 'Where/how can I redeem my points?' for further details.

Q. Where can I check my Loyalty Rewards balance?
A. Log in to your Brentford Card account in the new Online Shop and you will see you balance in your account summary. Also, we will be including your total in any email communications we send through to you from when you are able to begin redeeming your Loyalty Rewards. Over time we expect to show your Loyalty Rewards total within your Ticketing account online.

Q. Is there an expiry date on my Loyalty Rewards?
A. All reward points will expire six months after the end of the season. So, for example, all points collected up until 30th June 2015 will expire on 31st December 2015. All points collected from 1st July 2015 up until 30th June 2016 will expire 31st December 2016.

Q. What do I do if my Brentford Card is lost or stolen?
A. If your Brentford Card is lost or stolen contact the Club on 020 8847 2511 (option 1) or visit the Ticket Office. There is an admin charge of £5 for a replacement Brentford Card.

Q. What is the difference between Ticket Access Points and Loyalty Rewards?
A. Ticket Access Points (TAP) are only earned through purchasing Match Tickets both home and away – TAP are awarded to Season Ticket Holders and Club Members who attend home matches. They are also awarded for away games upon purchase. Loyalty Rewards are generated from spending on identified products and services.

Q. Will my Ticket Access Points that I earn this season roll over?
A. Yes, Ticket Access Points don't expire and are carried over from our 2013/14 Season.

Q. How will I collect Home Ticket Access Points?
A. Members will be awarded TAP for their own ticket when scanning their Brentford Card at the turnstiles and Season Ticket Holders will receive their TAP when attending home games and scanning their Brentford Card at the turnstiles as they enter the ground.

Q. Can I earn Ticket Access Points by purchasing merchandise or food and beverages?
A. No. The Club will allocate Loyalty Rewards for these types of purchases on selected items.

Q. How can I keep track of my Ticket Access Points?
A. We include these in some of our email communications to you and we publish the TAP awarded for each game when they go on sale.