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Get to know our Fan Groups

Bees United exists to safeguard Brentford Football Club (BFC) so that it has a stable and sustainable future as a professional football club. Our role is to represent our members, the supporters of BFC and the local community to ensure that BFC remains a club we can all call our own.

  • Bees United has a non-executive director on the board of Brentford Football Club Limited. It is currently Stewart Purvis the Chairman of Bees United (
  • Bees United has a ’special share’ in the club which gives it the right to veto the sale of the club’s stadium unless the proposed sale will enable a bona fide move to a new stadium that meets all reasonable requirements for the football club.
  • Bees United was the majority shareholder in the club from 2006 to 2012, stabilised the club and brought in Matthew Benham as the new owner. During that period the generosity of our members meant that BU raised millions of pounds for the club through donations and loans.
  • Membership of BU is free. To receive the monthly newsletter email giving your full name unless that is clear from your email address. 

Find out more at , @BeesUnited and 

The BIAS of today is an open, democratic, organisation; our members decide what we are and what we do - through the annual election of a Committee to lead the Association for the coming year. In some ways, we can be thought of as somewhere between a Trade Union and a Students Union for Brentford fans. The objectives of BIAS are laid down in the Association's constitution.

Our aims are to maintain and increase the support of Brentford Football Club, to bring Brentford fans together, to promote and encourage dialogue between the football club and its supporters, to represent the views of the supporters of Brentford Football Club, to air supporters' grievances, and to protect supporters' interests.

The BIAS committee holds monthly meetings, which are open to all Brentford supporters. They're usually arranged and timed so that they occur just before Brentford FC home fixtures at Griffin Park.

Find out more at

Formed in August  2016, LGBeeTs is the supporters group for LGBTQ bees fans.

Our aim is for all fans to be able to support and follow Brentford FC home and away safely, without fear, and without hearing homophobic, biphobic or transphobic abuse.

We believe that with better visibility and support for LGBTQ fans, we can work together to make this happen. This could be through our flag on show in the ground, marching Pride in London with Buzz or wearing rainbow laces, or by meeting with the club to help support them in making Brentford a club for all fans.

We are open to LGBTQ Bees fans and our allies within the Brentford family. If you believe football should be for everyone and want to help us make sure that Brentford stays a friendly and welcoming club for all fans, get in touch!


Twitter: @LGBT_Bees

Instagram: lgbeet_brentford

The Brentford Lifeline Society was formed back in January 1986 and remains one of the few such societies still in existence. Over the past 35 years it has remained true to its title as a lifeline to the Football Club through times which have not always been at the current level and the support it offers is as integral today as it ever was.  

To join The Brentford Lifeline Society for just £2 a week please email and request an application form or download an application form here.

Beesotted fanzine: 25 years we since started and we're still going strong.

Football Supporters Federation award nominee for Best Blog 2013.

Check out our videos on beesotted1992 YouTube and check out

The GPG started life sometime in the dark recesses of the internet in the last century. It is a completely independent, fan-run forum. It was the first and is by far the busiest Brentford FC fan website with over 3,000,000 posts and approaching 10,000 members.

Get involved with fellow fans on the GPG at We will be analysing and discussing the latest news from Griffin Park, rumours from the terraces and opinions from fellow fans.We're on Twitter too these days, so follow @bfcgpg too.

We're on Twitter too these days, so follow @bfcgpg.

The Club was formed in November 1990, largely due to the efforts of the late Eric White, who at the time was the Brentford Matchday Programme Editor. The main purpose of the Club is to enable members to fill gaps in their programme collections and at the same time raise money for the Football Club. Since 1990 the club has raised approximately £60,000 for the Football Club.

We started sponsoring the programme back in 2003 and usually sponsor the last home match in March donating the funds that we have raised during the year. In 2010 the club handed over a cheque for £5,000 which is the highest amount raised since the collectors club started sponsoring the programme.

Visit us on matchday in the Braemar Road Stand.

The West Country Bees are an independent group dedicated to supporting Brentford Football Club; our prime aim is provide a focal point and travel service for Bees Supporters who live to the West of Bristol and Bournemouth.

Kindly sponsored by the Club the West Country Bees provide a Minibus, starting in North Devon and travelling down the M5 and M4 corridors to most home games played on a Saturday, returning the same evening, and to certain selected away fixtures throughout the season. All are welcome to travel on the Bus, which is pleased to leave the motorway corridors for up to ten minutes to pick up and drop off, discounts are available for young people and the bus is great value for money and great fun.

To get in touch with the West Country Bees and to find out some more about them follow this link to their Facebook page,, or drop either Clive Johnson or John Stansfield an email or