Thomas Frank has said that he was delighted with his side’s performance against Chelsea and believed they deserved to win the game on Wednesday night.

Despite securing a draw against 'one of the best teams in the world', the Bees boss insisted that they could have come away with three points.

Frank said: “I wanted to win the game, especially with this performance, I think we deserved the three points, if there was going to be a winner, I think it should have been us, no doubt about that.

“The performance was… wow - brave, cool, aggressive. I really, really enjoyed the performance from the boys. I really love the team, honestly, what they give out there, the energy between the fans and them.

“First half, we were so aggressive, really going high on the pressure, really forcing them backwards, really creating opportunities.

“Second half, we had to defend a bit more, which is expected against one of the best teams in the league and in the world!”

He added: “It was a big shift - love it. We had to. No team in the world can win football matches consistently without working unbelievably hard, not one team in the world.

“We need to work hard and we do that. I was pleased with that.”

And Frank praised another fantastic turnout from our supporters, as they sold out the Gtech Community Stadium on Wednesday night.

Frank said: “They were amazing. It’s an absolute pleasure to play here at the stadium in front of the fans every game.

“But, under the lights, that gives us that extra edge.”