Brentford games are, unfortunately, being played behind closed doors at present and we do not have a usual matchday experience. For some our home game on Sunday, 14 February, when we host Barnsley would have been a chance to bring the loves of their lives together on Valentine's Day. That will not happen in person this year but you can still get a Brentford FC message for a loved one.

Some of the normal routines have been in place at the first games our new home this season. One of those is that Peter Gilham – the longest-serving matchday announcer in the country – has been doing the usual matchday announcements of teams and goal scorers and he is also reading out your messages. With this week's game being on Valentine's Day, Peter will be reading out any messages you want to send to the one you love.

If you have a message, please send it to [email protected] by 12noon tomorrow, Friday 12 February. Please keep them short so we can read as many out as possible. Please note, we cannot guarantee reading out all messages but will try to read as many as possible.