Over the past few weeks, the Premier League website has been looking at what is new in the Premier League. For most of the clubs there are a few changes, with Video Assistant Referees and the laws. But the biggest change in the Premier League this year is the arrival of Brentford.

In a ten part series, there were updates on Fantasy Premier League and a new football, as well as VAR. But the biggest part of the series was about The Bees. When Brentford play Arsenal this evening, Friday 13 August, they will become the 50th Premier League team and we will play our first top division game since 1947.

Thomas Frank's team are the first to make their debut in the competition since Brighton and Hove Albion and Huddersfield Town did so in 2017/18. In the past decade, the only other new teams have been Cardiff City (2013/14) and AFC Bournemouth (2015/16). See more here.

Our new stadium is the 60th to host a Premier League game. Our stadium is London's 13th different Premier League ground, and it has the smallest capacity out of all the 2021/22 top-flight clubs, at 17,250. This is the first time that a new Premier League stadium will host the opening fixture of the season. See more here.

Our Head Coach Thomas Frank is one of four new faces set to take charge of a Premier League club for the first time. He will become just the second Dane to manage in the Premier League. See more here.

The final piece in the series details that the live TV experience for overseas Premier League fans will be more enjoyable than ever thanks to Match Insights—Powered by Oracle Cloud. Using advanced performance data and machine learning, Oracle will deliver real-time in-match statistics, providing a deeper understanding of the live action to a huge global audience. See more here.