Lockdown is tough for all of us, but imagine how tough it is for children and young carers who have the incredible responsibility of looking after their parents and relatives who are ill. Brentford FC Community Sports Trust is trying to step in to help give these devoted youngsters some respite. Respite for young carers across Ealing and Hounslow is taking on new forms to ensure no-one is left isolated during the coronavirus lockdown.

An article posted on the My London website is looking at how the Trust is finding new ways to deliver its support programmes to young people aged seven to 18, who have a caring responsibility for a member of their family, due to illness, disability or substance misuse. Katheryn Sobczak, the Trust’s young carers coordinator, and Lee Doyle, Chief Executive at the Trust, spoke to Anahita Hossein-Pour for the piece. It can be seen in full here.