Brentford FC Chief Executive Jon Varney has spoken at length to Off the Pitch. Off the Pitch delivers unrivalled football business journalism and insight to subscribers as well as delivering a business intelligence tool to compare data from clubs across Europe. There was an interview with Jon conducted and published just before the start of the season.

In it, Jon explained that being promoted was a "game changer" for the Club and outlined ways Brentford would benefit from being in the most-watched league in the world. He also spoke about Brentford maintaining the strategy that has seen The Bees promoted to the top flight and outlined how the Club's values would fit in the top flight. That would include Brentford's position in the local community and work in the area of equality, diversity and inclusion.

Jon said: “I don't think it's difficult to keep your values, so I don't think we're concerned about losing focus in that area. But as we are now one of only 20 Premier League clubs, that gives us a much clearer and greater voice. And we need to use that. This football club, first and foremost, is a community club."

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