Brentford games are, unfortunately, being played behind closed doors at present and we do not have a usual matchday experience. Some of the normal routines are, however, in place at our new home. One of those is that Peter Gilham – the longest-serving matchday announcer in the country – will be at the games, as he has been at all our home games at our new stadium. There have been the usual matchday announcements of teams and goal scorers and he is also reading out your messages.

Have a look and a listen to some of what Peter Gilham, Brentford's long-serving matchday announcer, was able to read out at our new stadium against Sheffield Wednesday last night. We requested messages from fans and these arrived. Can you hear yours?

Our game against Barnsley was played on Valentine's Day and we had some special messages to read out for fans. Unfortunately, the video recording of the messages did not have the best sound quality. We have re-recorded those messages so have a listen and see if you can hear yours.

We are collating messages for Peter to read out at all home games and will record them to show to fans at home. It is intended this will continue at our remaining home games until we can welcome all fans back.

Our next home game is against Stoke City on Saturday, 27 February. If you have a message, please send it to [email protected] by 12noon on Friday. Please keep them short so we can read as many out as possible. Please note, we cannot guarantee reading out all messages but will try to read as many as possible.