Brentford Football Club announced earlier this week support for Bees for Development, the global charity that makes life better with bees. By buying a Brentford FC x Bees for Development T-Shirt, you’ll be supporting Bees for Development’s amazing work around the world. All profits from each £15 sale go directly to the charity. Grab your tees for the bees here from

The charity is working in Amhara, Ethiopia, planting 60,000 trees, resulting in forest regeneration, increased biodiversity, and good habitat for bees. Work is also happening in Ugand with people with disabilities as Bees for Development’s experienced local team provide disability-specific training, empowering people to earn an independent living. In Ghana, COVID-19 has caused people to move to rural areas as urban employment disappears. Bees for Development will train more than 200 people to become good beekeepers, and help find ways for them to sell their honey.

All this, and more, was discussed on Warm Up Live earlier this week. Stu Wakeford and guests were live from our new stadium before we faced Birmingham City on Tuesday, 6 April. See a feature on Bees for Development below and grab a Brentford FC x Bees for Development T-Shirt now and help make life better with bees, with 100 per cent of profits going direct to the charity.

The charity is also offering a special draw for Brentford fans. See more below. Grab your Brentford FC x Bees for Development T-Shirt now and help make life better with bees.

Brentford FC x Bees for Development T-Shirt

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