#InternationalMensDay was on the agenda on The Warm Up this week. Stu Wakeford sat down with Marcus Gayle and Karleigh Osborne to talk openly about the importance of the day, dealing with mental health, along with ways to get support. International Men's Day (IMD) is an annual international event, held on 19 November, to celebrate boys' and men's achievements and contributions, in particular for their contributions to nation, union, society, community, family, marriage, and childcare.

A key theme for International Men’s Day is to “make a positive difference to the wellbeing and lives of men and boys”. This focusses on issues such as health (prostate and testicular cancers), mental health (suicide, depression), isolation/loneliness, homelessness, employment, education, fatherhood, domestic abuse and sexual violence/abuse. Positive male role models are also important for boys/young men. See the conversation below