A Brentford FC sanctions panel has issued a multiple match ban to two Season Ticket Holders this week following an investigation into complaints received by the Club and via Kick it Out. The panel felt there was sufficient evidence to issue the bans, following the guidance outlined in the Club’s Social Media Policy for fans published earlier this month. This policy can be seen at brentfordfc.com/news/2020/december/new-social-media-guide-for-fans-launched/.

The bans start immediately, and the two individuals will not be able to access any reduced capacity matches in the coming months. The bans will extend into the period when we have no restrictions on the number of Brentford fans attending games at our new home. The pair will also be required to undertake education sessions with Kick it Out. The feedback from these sessions will determine if the ban should be extended beyond the initial sanction.

The purpose of our Social Media Policy for fans is to encourage respectful behaviour online and to outline where sanctions may be applied if social media posts from people considered to be Brentford supporters are deemed to be discriminatory and have the potential to bring the Club into disrepute. The Club is choosing not to name the individuals involved but can confirm that further investigations are ongoing into online behaviour. As part of our stated commitment to be the most inclusive Club in the country, where we can link anyone who attends our matches to social media accounts publishing discriminatory language or images, we will take action.

The Club would like to take the opportunity to remind all fans to be aware of the language they are using online. When engaging with social media relating directly to the Club, whether on the Club’s official social media channels or elsewhere, we ask our fans to behave in a manner which is in line with the stance and commitments outlined in our Diversity and Inclusion Policy and to refrain from discriminatory or abusive language. Our Diversity and Inclusion Policy can be found at brentfordfc.com/policies-and-regulations/.