Life in lockdown is challenging for most people, but think how challenging this is for young carers who have an incredible responsibility to care for their parents or relatives who are unwell. Aliyah is 17 and has cared for her Mum since she was six years old. Her responsibilities involve doing the shopping, cleaning the house, cooking for the family and when her mum isn’t very well, taking her up to bed. All of this, alongside studying and working at the weekend to pay for things she wants.

Since lockdown, Aliyah has had to leave her job due to isolation and continue caring for her mum as she is at risk if she leaves the house. Aliyah has been attending Brentford Football Club Community Sports Trust’s Young Carers project since she was ten and believes the project has offered her huge support and respite in her life. This hasn’t stopped during this difficult time.

Read more about Aliyah and her story on the EFL Trust website here. During lockdown, Aliyah was keen to share her journey and have her voice heard through NCS’ ‘Youth Rising’ Podcast. Please click here to listen.