Brentford FC Community Sports Trust has been out and about this week, delivering festivals as part of the Joy of Moving programme. Over the last 12 months, the Joy of Moving programme – Ferrero’s unbranded CSR project delivered through a charity partnership with EFL Trust and their network of Club Community Organisations (CCO) - was adapted to support families up and down the country during a time where it became more challenging to remain active. Brentford FC Community Sports Trust was among those that took part.

Traditionally, the unbranded Joy of Moving Programme, which consists of the Move and Learn project and the Festivals, is delivered face-to-face in schools. However, with multiple national and regional lockdowns meaning schools faced closure for many children in the last year, the programme introduced a new digital approach to ensure that families and schools could continue to support young people at a time where face-to-face delivery was not possible. The ‘Home School Festival’ was launched in May 2020 during a time where children were unlikely to have their usual school sports day.

This year, things can return to normal. The Trust have been in schools this week delivering the programme. It is one of five schools they will be in and more than 1,500 children will get involved.