The Bees take on Arsenal for the first game in our Premier League campaign on Friday. On Tuesday, the Ticket Exchange was opened for Season Ticket Holders to list their tickets if they are not attending Friday’s game. This will give any Members who haven’t yet purchased an opportunity to attend the game.

Unlike in previous seasons, tickets on the Ticket Exchanges will only be available for My Bees Members to purchase. The new process allows us to better control who can buy tickets and ensures any listed tickets find their way to My Bees Members.

My Bees Members who haven’t yet purchased will be able to buy the available tickets (one ticket per Member) from 5pm today until 12 noon on Friday 13 August. Tickets are only available at the adult prices (no concessions), subject to availability and are extremely limited. This may include some seats in the Family Area where Adults need to be accompanied by a child and where supporters should refrain from using abusive or aggressive language.

Members will be reminded a couple hours before tickets will become available and not when they are live. So, make sure you are ready at 5pm for your best chance to secure tickets.

Log in to your account and be ready

Season Ticket Holder reminder:

If you are not attending and haven’t passed your ticket onto a friend, then make sure you list your ticket on the Ticket Exchange through your ticketing account. You have until 4pm today to list your ticket.

Log in to your account to list your ticket

Season Ticket Holders whose seats are resold, will be notified by email and will receive 1/19 of their Season Ticket value in ticket credits which can be used to discount their 2022/23 Season Ticket or to purchase 2021/22 Match Tickets.

Please note, if you or other members of your family don’t have an internet account, you will need to contact the Box Office to get your seat listed on the Ticket Exchange. The listing of tickets on Ticket Exchange is not a guarantee of sale. Ticket credits will only be applied where listed tickets are purchased. For this game only, Season Ticket Holders will not be able to reclaim their seat once it has been placed on the Ticket Exchange.