Brentford FC Head Coach Thomas Frank has spoken at length to The Times newspaper. Thomas had a video call with reporter Alyson Rudd last week, when he was away from the Training Ground after a positive COVID-19 test. The interview was published at the end of the week.

The interview was conducted just after Brentford announced the signing of Christian Eriksen. Thomas spoke at length about how The Bees managed to sign the experienced Danish international. He started training with Brentford today, Monday 7 February.

"In the middle of December, I gave him a call," said Thomas. “We had a good chat about things, he sounded interested, he could see the project and a way to come back and play football at a good club, in a good environment with a coach he knows and hopefully we can help him to come back to his highest level. I explained about the club, our culture, our style of play, my ideas for him, where to live, whether Ealing or Barnes or Notting Hill or Richmond.

“I’ve been speaking to him a lot but I’m looking forward to seeing him in person. We need to see him on the training pitch but the day he steps out there and he plays minutes for us will be a big day for all football because he’s such a big player, a big name across the world. If you’re interested in football, you know Christian Eriksen."

The main focus of the interview was the signing of Christian but Thomas signing a new contract was also discussed. It also briefly touched on his coaching journey. The interview is behind a paywall but subscribers can find it here.