Brentford continued their unbeaten start to the Premier League season with a 1-1 draw against Aston Villa. After the game, Thomas Frank spoke to the written press via a video call. Jim Levack, who has covered Brentford for many years for Press Association, among others, reports on what Thomas had to say..........

Being braver

“I loved the way we approached the game with a high pressure, bravery, attacked it and went 1-0 up, but I was slightly disappointed we conceded the equaliser. Second half we were better for 25 minutes without capitalising on it. It was a good point and showed the strong character and mentality in the team. We were really brave and really forward minded, but actually I wanted even more.”

Areas for improvement

“We could have done better in the second half, kept the ball a little better and created more chances. We need to do more in the final third and show more quality, composure and bravery. I also understand that it's only the third game in Premier League so it’s a good point of course, and when you’re away it’s always a good point.”

15 league games unbeaten

“We’ve had three games, one goal conceded and a lot of positives. Being unbeaten is a good feeling and a good foundation. We’re difficult to break down and score against and in all three games we’ve had solid performances by being brave and pressing high.”

Always wanting more

“I like the picture this season and what my team has shown, but I want to see even more because I know they are good enough to show even more in games like the last two. I see them every single day so I know there's more in them, but we’ve had good performances and good character in the team.”

Blind spot

“I don’t know the football laws in the situation where Vitaly scored so it’s difficult for me to really complain, but of course I’ll ask the officials.“

Ivan will only improve

“He’s showed in all three games that he’s more than capable of playing in the Premier League. His link up play, his pressing, his presence and ability to be in the right situation to get chances. Now he’s got the goal I expect to see even more from him. I think he’s a fantastic player.”

The new Jamie Vardy?

“I like that comparison between Ivan and him in that they’re both players who had longer journeys and different pathways to the Premier League. Ivan still has things he can improve and add more elements to his game, but it could definitely be a similar pathway.”

Adding layers

“The pressure and defensive side has been bang on in the first three games but we had more spells with the ball at Villa. We dominated a little bit more with the ball but I’d love us to keep it a little bit more in the final third. But we’re adding layers to how we want to play so we’re in a fine place but we need to constantly improve because this is a relentless league.”