The EFL marked a special anniversary this week, with help from Thomas Frank. On Thursday, 25 March, is was the sixth anniversary of the Mental Health Charter for Sport and recreation. The EFL is a signatory of the charter and Thomas, who helps promote mental health support in football, made a special video.

The Mental Health Charter for Sport and recreation sets out how sport and recreation organisations should adopt good mental health practice to make activities inclusive, positive and open to everyone. It assists organisations take positive action around mental health and physical activity and is designed to actively challenge the stigma around mental health in the sporting world. See more here.

Brentford FC Head Coach Thomas Frank was one of an array of players and managers from across the EFL to appear in a special series of films released to mark Mental Health Awareness Week last May. The ‘Inside the Mind of’ campaign, launched in partnership with the EFL’s charity partner, Mind, saw ten representatives from across the League discussing mental health experiences as they signed up as ‘On Your Side Champions’ to support various projects and campaigns. Thomas is among those directly supporting the vital work taking place at clubs across the EFL to raise awareness of the partnership, improve the approach to mental health in football and raise important funds for Mind.