During the two week gap between fixtures due to international matches, Brentford FC Head Coach Thomas Frank sat down, virtually, with Sunday Mirror journalist Tom Hopkinson. The pair discussed a range of topics, including how Thomas is learning to relax and his thoughts about moving to our new stadium. The changes in the squad over the summer and how The Bees dealt with a gap of less than five weeks between the last competitive game of last season and the first game of this campaign.

“It’s something that, no matter what happens in the future, you will never forget it because it is such a remarkable situation,” Thomas told the newspaper. “It’s all or nothing. But it’s also in the past and we can’t do anything about it so we relatively quickly move forward. We know we have a good squad and we knew most of the players would stay and fight and compete. It’s all about what we can affect and now that is today and tomorrow, so that’s what we’re working very hard to try to do.”

Thomas also spoke about his interest in statistics and how that fits in with his role at Brentford and his interest in the US sitcom Modern Family. The interview was split in to two parts. The first can be seen here with the second here.