As part of the build-up to Brentford's Premier League game against Liverpool, Head Coach Thomas Frank spoke at length to Sky Sports. In a piece for the Sky Sports website, Thomas sat down to discuss the way he wants his Brentford team to play. He also said his side would play their way in tha match against Liverpool, as The Bees proved in a memorable 3-3 draw last night.

Reporter Ron Walker spent time with Thomas in our new stadium earlier this week. Describing him as thorough and with self-belief, the reporter asked whether Brentford would compromise their playing style at any point. The answer was unequivocal.

"Over time, it [our playing style] will give us more points," exaplined Thomas. "We all know we will go out there and do our very best to win the game, we're not thinking about anything else. Believe in the way you do things, and you will get success. It's not that we don't tweak bits and pieces for specific opponents, but at Wolves we played our own game throughout the game, I thought that was very important - and it's why we won."

Thomas also spoke about his coaching journey and discussed individual players in the Brentford squad. There were also words about the season so far and what it had given Thomas and the squad. The piece was published before the draw with Liverpool and can be seen in full here.