Thomas' latest injury update

Everyone from the last squad will be available.

Pontus is getting very much closer. It is so good to see him training fully with the team again. Medically there is no problem with him, now it’s about getting him up to top speed. It is a day-to-day assessment but he’s getting much closer.

Thomas on Rovers

Blackburn are an extremely interesting team in this division. Because of where they are in the table, I don’t think they get enough credit. They are a very tactically challenging side; they always change it a bit and they always make it difficult for you. Especially at the beginning of the season, they were flying offensively. They are still among the top scorers and in Armstrong, Elliott, Brereton, Gallagher, and Dack they have some of this division’s most interesting offensive players. They are much better than the position they have in the league; they have been unlucky so far.

Thomas on our eight-day build-up

We are always looking forward to playing, no matter if it is three days, or eight days, or 14 days. We gave the players a bit more rest. We are coping very well in terms of performance but there is no doubt that the players have played a lot of games in a shorter period than normal. We gave them two days off on Saturday and Sunday and then they were back flying Monday morning. It was fantastic to actually be able to train Monday and Tuesday and not just have a matchday minus-one where you can only do a bit of minor tactical work. We also had a B Team game on Sunday where quite a few of the first-team players got some valuable minutes.

It depends on what kind of narrative you want to create for the players and the surroundings. We played against Bournemouth after they had ten days off, and we had two, and we managed to beat them and I’m sure it’s happened the other way round. Blackburn Rovers will turn up and try to win, we will turn up and try to win. Both teams will go toe to toe and we will see who will win.

Thomas on the run-in

The biggest task for me, and the staff, and the players is to keep all the noise away so we can simply focus on training well today and playing well tomorrow. If you think too far ahead you don’t focus on what you can affect. The only thing we are focussing on is how we can perform best tomorrow and get the three points.

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