Thomas on the build-up to the game ...

It has been so nice to have a good week of training. With the change of kick-off time, we had a chance to play Friday night, but we decided to play Saturday and have a normal training week. We had a very good session Tuesday, a very good session yesterday, and a very good session today. I appreciate the week to train on the principles and to go a little bit more in-depth with the details.

We also have a big game on Tuesday night against Cardiff City so we could have gone for an extra day of recovery. We decided to have that four days of training which we thought would benefit us more for the Millwall game and the Cardiff game.

Thomas on the run-in

At this moment in time, we are in the Play-Offs. If you look at it now, we have at least eight games, hopefully nine, to go to the end of the season. The only thing that we can look at is the Millwall game and then we will, of course, check the results after. If it is a good result from the team that we are competing against it needs to be an instant feeling, then done and out of the system. It is easier said than done but it is all about that. All we can do is try to top perform tomorrow.

Thomas on Millwall ...

They are very dangerous. I clearly remember the first meeting was a tough game. We know they will play with energy and press us but what I like a lot was that [Gary Rowett] had added a few more passes in the team which I think suits them. It is not just the direct ball, second ball, and set pieces, you also need to defend the open play so it’s getting even more complicated. After the game then I was proud of our physicality as I felt we completely matched them. It was an even game and a fair result and afterwards I felt they could be top six contenders this season.

Gary has done a top job there. They have been quite unlucky with injuries and you need to have your best team available as much as possible. They have had 16 draws which is crazy. If they could have turned a few of those draws into wins they would have been in the top six. The difference between teams in the Championship is so little and that is why it is going to be a tough test tomorrow. We are full of confidence from the last performance, but we know every game has its own life. It will be a completely different game on Saturday; we are ready for it.

Thomas on Ryan Woods ...

Ryan Woods is a top player. I was sad when he left for Stoke City but I was pleased that he got his bigger move because we know what it is like for the players. All Brentford fans appreciate what Ryan has done for this club. He dictates the game and runs the show. He did that many times for us. He is a top person and I really like him. I wish him and his family all the best. I hope he plays an OK game tomorrow then a lot of good games the rest of the season.

Thomas on Ivan Toney and his future ...

He is a very good striker, and he deserves a lot of praise for what he has done. Hopefully he can hit the 30-goal mark tomorrow which will be beautiful. If not tomorrow, it will be one of the next games because one thing is for sure; he scores goals. Throughout the season there have been a lot of rumours but I have never once asked Ivan about it because it doesn’t bother me. Ivan is a Brentford player; I speak to him about his family and his friends and about how to make him better as a footballer. He has a big emotional intelligence, and he shows that with everyone. What I like is that everywhere he goes, he says hello to everyone, high and low. I also like to see him interact with everyone in the squad which is a huge quality.

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