Every single person who has set foot in Griffin Park during the lifetime of the stadium will have their own personal memories and recollections etched somewhere in the back of their minds. Whether it be the first glimpse of the lush green grass, the first viewing point or a favoured vantage spot, the smell of the liniment, cigar smoke, the chants from the crowd, the music to accompany the team’s entrance onto the pitch – or of a favourite player.

Although many celebratory moments will have been shared, moments of disappointment and despair will also have been witnessed and each and every one of us will know what Griffin Park means to us as individuals, along with those special moments that still make the hairs on the back of the neck tingle. Nothing can re-capture the vivid personal memories and if we had asked one hundred people for their favourite moments and games, the list would be varied and endless.

That is why we produced what has been described as ‘a very special book’ to mark the life of, and the imminent departure from, Griffin Park. We have attempted, by way of photos and articles, to recreate some of the magical nostalgia that has been experienced during twelve decades at our proud, old stadium.

The story of Griffin Park is a long and eventful one. It’s not just the promotions (and relegations) or the ‘big matches’ and the cup successes. It’s about capturing the essence of Griffin Park as Brentford Football Club’s home and the place it holds in all our hearts.

We worked hard to try and capture the soul of Griffin Park – through the early years, the impressive development of the stadium in readiness to host top-flight football, followed by the subsequent changes to bring about how the ground looks today. There are hundreds of photographs and stories – some old favourites and some truly astounding recollections – and even a few personal tales from the heroes who have graced the hallowed pitch.

When the gates of Griffin Park finally slam shut for the last time, this publication can hopefully help to ensure that the grand old stadium will live on in the memory forever – a book to serve as a reminder for decades to come.

We are confident that Brentford fans of every age and era will adore this book, and if you haven’t got a copy already, head straight to the Brentford Club Shop and get one today as there is currently £10 off.