This week marks ten years since the EFL Trust partnered with NCS (National Citizen Service) to deliver life-changing experiences for young people, aged 16-17, across the country. In the summer of 2011 the EFL Trust engaged 560 young people on one of the first ever NCS programmes. Now in 2021, the programme is delivered by 64 Delivery Partners, including Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, and has engaged more than 65,000 young people. These young people who have volunteered over 1.9 million hours in their local communities, 53 of which are directly linked to Football Clubs.

Young people have worked tirelessly to tackle loneliness and discrimination, rejuvenate public spaces and raise awareness of mental health and environmental issues. They have taken on challenges, transformed green spaces and walked thousands of miles to raise over £1.5 million for causes they are passionate about. See more here and below.

The EFL Trust is the charitable arm of the EFL and was established in 2008 to oversee the work of EFL’s club community organisations (CCOs), which has included Brentford FC Community Sports Trust for the past 13 years. The EFL Trust is responsible for distributing core funding from the Premier League and The PFA to each CCO and highlights community work done by clubs across the country, including at Brentford. An earlier piece by EFL Trust about ten years of NCS can be seen here.

Brentford FC Community Sports Trust engages thousands of young people aged 16 and 17, delivering NCS, programme funded by the Government. This is replicated by other community organisations across the country.

Through the English Football League Trust, over 1.8 million hours of voluntary work has been delivered addressing local and national issues which young people are passionate about such as mental health, the environment and plastic waste. In partnership with EFL Trust, Brentford FC Community Sports Trust won the contract to deliver NCS from 2020 onwards joining 65 delivery partners that will be managed by EFL Trust. For more information, please email the Trust's NCS Manager at [email protected].