As Sergi Canós begins the countdown to his 200th Brentford game, he has spoken at length to the Sky Sports website. Sergi is one of the longest-serving players at the Club, having arrived on loan in autumn 2015 for a season and then joining permanently in January 2017. He has scored 29 goals in his 194 games for The Bees so far and talks to Sky about one of his most memorable moments in red and white.

In the interview, Sergi discussed his goal against Blackburn Rovers in December. The Spaniard had missed most of the 2019/20 season with a serious knee injury and had not scored for more than 18 months when he struck against Blackburn. His celebration, above, signified what it meant to him.

"It was a relief. It was like 'finally'," the 24-year-old explained. "I think I was playing well but for strikers and wingers, it's all about numbers and how many assists and goals you have. At that time, I had zero goals and zero assists. I knew I was doing well and that things were working, it was just the numbers that were not there and after a long time out, I was suffering a little bit, you could say."

Sergi's first games in English football came on loan at Brentford from Liverpool and he came back to West London after a short spell at Norwich City. In the interview, which can be seen in full here, Sergi talks about how much the atmosphere at Brentford means to him. He also explains the support he has from the staff at the Club.

"Everyone at the club has always showed so much belief in me, so that made me believe in myself even more," he added. "Thomas Frank, Brian Riemer, the physios and everyone has helped me to come back to my best. I don't think I've got back to my best yet; I think there is a lot more to come."