Sergi Canós has taken part in a full interview with The long-serving Brentford player spoke to reporter Dan Long earlier this month. He talked about a range of topics as he approaches 250 games for The Bees.

Sergi will go down in Brentford history as the man to score the Club's first Premier League goal, against Arsenal in August. He spoke about that goal and his season so far. Sergi has played the majority of the campaign at wing back and discussed learning a position he had hardly played 12 months ago.

"In pre-season, I had a meeting with [Brentford Head Coach] Thomas [Frank] and Brian [Riemer, Frank's assistant]. They explained what they wanted to do and I was quite happy," said Sergi in the interview. "I feel like I can play anywhere and, at that time, they thought I was going to be a good wing-back, so I said yes.

"It has been difficult because my main strength is to attack. But there have been situations in games where I have had to defend low, be compact and communicate with the centre-backs, which is new to me. I have been really trying to improve that because I knew it was going to be crucial.

"I have had to put in a lot of work in training. I have tried to focus on the defensive side instead of attacking and I don't regret it - I am much better at defending now than I was at the start of the season. I have been staying outside at the end of training, which I have done because the team needs it."

Sergi talks about his most difficult opponents and his emotions when scoring that goal against Arsenal. He also discusses the season as a whole. Read the interview here.