Arnold Schwarzenegger has hailed the positive power that football has on youth as the Premier League hosted a Mornings Live event in Los Angeles. The Hollywood actor was visited at his office in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, by the Premier League Trophy and the competition's leading goalscorer Alan Shearer. The Premier League held a two-day fan fest held at the LA Memorial Coliseum late last month. See more here.

"Soccer is not only a competitive sport, but it is great, great entertainment," Schwarzenegger, who also served as Governor of California, said. " The millions of people that get entertained every time they watch a soccer game is extraordinary. The amount of joy it brings to the people, the ups and downs, and the rollercoaster ride that we always go through when we watch sports, it's just fantastic.

"I think about the amount of kids sitting there in front of the TV, or live watching the soccer game, and they get inspired to become the future soccer players. They're doing something that has to do with fitness, they take care of their bodies. They get inspired by the dedication that these athletes have."